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Vizrt Debuts Channel Branding Software

Vzrt Channel Branding
(Image credit: Vizrt Group)

The What: Vizrt has announced Vizrt Channel Branding, designed to make complex channel branding graphics easier for customers faced with the growing need to promote more content across more channels. 

The What Else: Vizrt Channel Branding software allows users to import data from traffic and scheduling applications to automatically create playlists that reduce manual processes. Rapid, up-to-second sync with automation systems for data and trigger control, guarantees every single element is played out at exactly the right time. This can be changed down to the wire without fear of error. Accurate content delivery, dynamic data-driven graphics, automatic error checks all go to provide a smooth operator workflow, a great experience for the audience, and high levels of brand consistency across numerous simultaneous formats.

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One operator can control multiple channels from a single interface, which can scale up and down to any number of channels without significantly changing the workflow. Vizrt’s graphics branding solution augments the technical capabilities of master control environments and the marketing capabilities of promotional departments to serve anything from single-channel facilities up to large network operations that manage multiple broadcast, web, and mobile channels.

“Vizrt Channel Branding acts as an extension to promotional and marketing departments of media organizations,” said Daniel Nergard, president of Vizrt. “It lets broadcasters protect and promote their most important asset—their identity—and enables them to hold onto audience engagement across channels and through promotional breaks and at the same time, powerfully reinforce their brand equity. When all this is possible for a single operator to manage and monitor for multiple channels, it becomes a true competitive differentiator for media producers.”

The Bottom Line: With Vizrt Channel Branding, media houses can make more efficient usage of their resources across multiple Vizrt graphics solutions. From real-time on-air news graphics through virtual sets and augmented reality to custom channel branding, assets and skills can be leveraged to create a final product for multiple outputs. This results in much more efficient use of design staff, time, and created content elements.

Broadcasters, marketing and promotions departments, and master control technical departments can all benefit from Vizrt Channel Branding software’s ability to adapt and scale up and down to meet rapidly changing production needs.

Vizrt Channel Branding is available exclusively via Flexible Access in annual or month-to-month payment plans.

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