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Stampede to Rebrand as Exertis Pro AV

Tim Griffin, Group Managing Director of Exertis
Tim Griffin, Group Managing Director of Exertis (Image credit: Future/Megan A. Dutta)

Stampede is planning to rebrand itself as Exertis Pro AV. The change was announced today at the 2019 Stampede Vendor Summit in Buffalo, NY.

Tim Griffin, group managing director of Exertis, and Kevin Kelly, president and CEO of Stampede, each took the stage in a room full of manufacturing partners to make the announcement.

“To be a homogenous brand is almost going to be impossible,” Griffin said. But Exertis, whose parent company, DCC Technology, purchased Stampede in July 2018, is up to the challenge as it has been through this before while making a slew of acquisitions over the last decade.

Griffin added that using a single Exertis umbrella brand will allow the company to achieve economies of scale, while also allowing for the “beauty of a customer-centric, local, accountable, empowered, and agile business.”

“We’ve been doing the Stampede brand for more than 20 years. This change is meant to reflect the evolution of the business,” Kelly added.

The branding initiative was rolled out at the Integrate Expo in Australia in August and will roll out in the United States over the next year.