Shure Releases New Bodypack Receivers -

Shure Releases New Bodypack Receivers

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The What: Shure has released the P9RA+ and P10R+ bodypack receivers that operate with the PSM 900 and PSM 1000 Wireless Personal Monitor Systems, respectively. 

Shure releases new bodypack receivers

The What Else: Both the P9RA+ and P10R+ deliver RF performance while preserving the audio quality and transparency of the PSM 900 and PSM 1000. Designed for live performers, broadcast production managers, sound technicians, and rental agency managers, the updated PSM receivers use an analog/digital hybrid system that increases headroom, stereo separation, and audio fidelity.

The P9RA+ is a compact, stereo bodypack that works with the PSM 900 wireless system to deliver unparalleled audio quality and increased RF signal strength to meet the needs of professional audio applications of all kinds. All P9RA+ receivers are compatible with original P9T and P10T transmitters and all Shure SE Sound Isolating Earphones. Similarly, the P10R+ is a low-profile, twin-antenna diversity bodypack receiver that operates with the PSM 1000 wireless system. With premium features like full bandwidth RF scan, precision front-end RF filtering, and automatic RF gain control, P10R+ meets the demands of professional audio applications of all sizes.

For sound engineers who wish to retain the identical sound signature of original PSM 900 and PSM 1000 receivers, the new PSM receivers are built with an Input EQ Preset option called Match, which reproduces the audio signature of the P9RA and P10R receivers. In addition, PSM 900 and PSM 1000 transmitters and in-ear monitors will remain unchanged.

The Bottom Line: Built with an integrated FPGA circuit, the updated PSM receivers are equipped with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology that provides high-quality digital audio over analog RF transmission. By offering higher RF sensitivity, the P9RA+ and P10R+ deliver a cleaner RF signal and better end-of-range performance. The P10R+ possesses a more robust and reliable RF signal in close proximity to digital transmiters, providing superior operability when used alongside digital wireless microphone systems in crowded spectrum spaces.

The P9RA+ and P10R+ bodypack receivers will be available for sale by late 2018.


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