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Shure Expands SLX-D System Capabilities

Shure SLX-D
(Image credit: Shure)

The What: Shure is adding free software networking capabilities for its SLX-D digital wireless system with the release of its Wireless Workbench 6 software and ShurePlus Channels iOS app, which will be compatible with SLX-D later this summer. 

The What Else: Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6 software allows audio professionals to discover and automatically connect to all Shure devices on the network for remote monitoring and control. With just a few clicks, users can scan the spectrum, identify open frequencies, and deploy to networked systems. To ensure an optimal working environment, and smooth production with SLX-D, Wireless Workbench 6 can also help establish network parameters and track all devices used in any given production; manage alerts and make adjustments in real-time without interrupting the performance; and implement necessary changes to Shure devices remotely from a computer (e.g., naming devices, gain adjustments, IR presets). 

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The ShurePlus Channels app gives users optimal control from the palm of their hand, helping them monitor events and make important real-time changes using a mobile device. The iOS app can be connected via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet adapter to automatically discover and manage Shure networked devices. Users are able to precisely monitor RF signal strength, audio levels, and battery life, from their mobile device for on-the-go performance management. Additionally, users can remotely diagnose and adjust critical channel information, ensuring the show goes on as seamlessly as possible.

The Bottom Line: The software solutions offer the necessary RF management necessary for critical oversight and control of Shure wireless systems. Wireless Workbench 6 software and ShurePlus Channels iOS app will be available to download for free in Summer 2021.