Pandam Professional Audio Spices Up the Audio at an Exclusive Mumbai Club

Genelec loudspeakers spice up an exclusive Mumbai club.
(Image credit: Genelec)

Pandam Professional Audio recently elevated the customer experience at Jolie, Mumbai’s luxury private members-only club, with a premium Genelec loudspeaker solution.

Jolie’s is a hidden gem that truly encapsulates the meaning of its namesake. Sprawling over an impressive 20,000 square feet, the club takes its members on a journey through the senses with its numerous zones, each carefully designed to foster its own distinct atmosphere. From the open, bright, and inspiring design of the breakfast lounge and work area to the exquisite, sultry lighting of the cigar lounge as well as the art and music spaces, the team at Jolie’s have considered all the minute details, with the best of artisan cuisine, cocktails, and culture. 

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With Jolie’s vision to deliver the best to its members in all aspects, Abhishek Bindal, the senior vice president of Jolie’s, approached Pandam’s owner Prashant Damle for further consultation. In response, Abhishek and his team were invited to Pandam’s Genelec Experience Centre located in Mahim, Mumbai. They were so impressed by the sound demonstration that they immediately decided to go with Genelec, proving why the brand is synonymous with both prestige and quality. Furthermore, the ease of installation and operation of Genelec loudspeakers further sweetened the deal. In situ, the pleasing aesthetic of the loudspeakers’ rounded design blends seamlessly with the establishment’s sophisticated décor.   

Genelec loudspeakers spice up an exclusive Mumbai club.

(Image credit: Genelec)

Under the guidance of Prashant, the project was intensively planned over a two-month period. However, the actual integration was carried out in an extremely tight 20-day period, leaving no room for error. In total, over 40 loudspeakers were deployed, with the assistance of Pandam Audio’s installation engineer, Sunil Jambhale. This includes a relatively even split of Genelec S360A and 8010A models, complemented by four 7382A subwoofers to handle low frequency duties. Any questions or further support that Club Jolie required would be directed towards Nikhil Pagedar, Pandam’s customer support engineer.   

“In the event space area we installed the S360As paired with a 7382A subwoofer," explained Prashant. "This combination delivers a class-leading balance of extraordinary SPL output, wide dynamic range and an intensely detailed, transparent performance.” It was important to equip this room with the capacity to satisfy a wide range of different functions, which is precisely what this Genelec pairing achieves.   

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The club’s bar area also benefits from the performance of the S360As. Although it preserves an intimate feel, it is an expansive space with high ceilings, which properly utilizes the headroom that the S360As provide. “To ensure that they blend seamlessly with the environment, and that there are no unwanted vibrations propagating from the loudspeakers, we positioned them on the wall. From there, we precisely tilted the mounting bracket for the best possible listening angle,” explained Prashant.  

Genelec loudspeakers spice up an exclusive Mumbai club.

(Image credit: Genelec)

In the restaurant, however, Pandam opted to use the 8010As, which deliver Genelec’s hallmark sound quality in an ultra-compact format. Additionally, other smaller rooms like the private dining area, business lounge, hidden bar, and the cigar lounge were also equipped with 8010As, primarily serving as a background music system (BGM). Naturally, the playback volume for all areas can be individually tuned at the management’s discretion, and this in tandem with each loudspeaker’s integrated room compensation switches ensures perfect optimization for each room environment.   

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“It was a colossal task, but we endeavored to provide Jolie’s with the best possible solution. The team was very happy with the system we delivered,” said Prashant, “It helped immensely that the team at Jolie’s were so co-operative. Without such clear communication, it would have been hard to achieve the goal in the limited time frame we had.”   

“Working with the team at Pandam Professional Audio was an absolute pleasure from start to finish," Rathi concluded. "The team’s professionalism and sensitivity with regards to this project were both impeccable. We are delighted with the result.”  

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