New York Digital Signage Week to Host Free Webinar -

New York Digital Signage Week to Host Free Webinar

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New York Digital Signage Week will host a free webinar on how content can be composed to achieve brain recognition to conclude this year's Digital Signage Week.

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This webinar will address how the brain is "hardwired" to respond to images and will provide insights into how to make your content as effective as possible for patron, shopper, customer, traveler, staff and student communications. In addition to tactics for digital signage composition, the webinar will discuss eye-brain coordination, unconscious observation, emotional sentiments and virtual reality.

The webinar will be hosted by Lyle Bunn, an independent analyst and consultant, and Jeff Wheeldon, who specializes in Theology and Ethics and will discuss behavior in regards to digital signage.

Registration is available online.


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Kramer Electronics Digital Signage Webinar

Kramer digital signage solutions is hosting webinars on July 20 and 27. During the one hour seminar, VP of Strategic Partner Sales Dave Haar will be talking about the importance of covering the basics of a digital signage network.

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Digital Signage Network Operator Webinar

This webinar will provide a portrait of the science and art of achieving of digital signage ROI along with the rules of ROI, which when obeyed, assure the achievement of communications, marketing and business goals by dynamic location-based display.