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NEC Shipping One-Chip DLP Laser Projector

NEC Shipping One-Chip DLP Laser Projector
  • NEC Display Solutions of America is now shipping the NP-PX1004UL, a 10,000-lumen single-chip DLP projector that creates large, easy-to-read images with high picture quality.

With a dust-resistant optical engine, the laser projector runs virtually maintenance free 24/7 and delivers installation and connectivity flexibility. Its portrait mode and tilt-free installation capabilities allow for projection in almost any orientation.

“The laser projector’s light source and sealed optical engine give users 20,000 hours of near maintenance-free performance,” said Richard McPherson, senior product manager of Projectors at NEC Display. “The state-of-the-art NP-PX1004UL projection system produces highly readable content. Customers no longer have to wonder whether their audiences can see all the information on screen.”

Besides traditional industries, the model opens up opportunities for applications in the house of worship (HoW) and hotel/rental sectors. The NP-PX1004UL edge blending offers customers the ability to create a larger, expandable image using multiple projectors and with the option to create unique installations with projection mapping. The OPS option slot furthers the projector’s flexibility by enabling a digital signage solution with video, power, and control all internal to the projector.

The new NP-PX1004UL uses the same lenses as the existing PX Series projectors. This allows current users of the NP-PX803UL, NP-PX700W/PX700W2, NP-PX750U/PX750U2, and NP-PX800X/PX800X2 an easy upgrade path to laser projection without the need to purchase additional lenses. Additionally, the new UST lens with a 0.38:1 throw ratio creates new installation capabilities for the NP-PX1004UL.

Other benefits of the NP-PX1004UL projector include DLP technology, which provides a better white uniformity, HDMI loop out, enabling the extension of HDMI signals to a remote location, Quick Start function, helping the projector reach the needed brightness level promptly, and WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution.