NAB Show 2023 News: FingerWorks Latest Software, Pronology Update

NAB celebrates its centennial year, as shown in this logo.
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With the NAB Show 2023 quickly approaching, here's a look at a few new enhancements you'll be able to see in Las Vegas from April 15-19, 2023. 

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Pronology StreamFile Core Update Further Supports Cloud-based Workflows

The Pronology StreamFile software.

(Image credit: Pronology)

As it did last year, Pronology heads to NAB Show 2023 with an updated version of StreamFile Core (West Hall, Booth W2717). 

Adding the ability to write media files directly to Amazon S3 enables customers to save time and money when working in cloud-based environments. More than just a cloud-based solution, StreamFile Core also seamlessly integrates into on-premises production workflows. These enhancements are well suited for remote production and social media teams working on- or off-site for quick turnaround and cost-effective VoD applications.

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“StreamFile Core enables SRT streams to be edited in industry standard edit systems without transcoding,” said Jonathan Aroesty, president of Pronology. “This cost-effective, low overhead feature, combined with our S3 integration is invaluable for social media and broadcast production teams in need of quick turn-around, edit-while-capture workflows that are easy to deploy.”

StreamFile Core integrates both NDI and Haivison SRT, providing increased IP and streaming capabilities. It supports SMPTE2110 utilizing off-the-shelf hardware. This additional feature allows for NMOS discovery or manual stream entries. StreamFile Core has the ability to record ProRes and DNx with both .mxf and .mov wrappers allowing users working from home, on location or anywhere, to take their IP-video streams and turn them into edit-ready files. StreamFile Core can create, record and share multi-views of live streams giving production personnel the ability to view different camera angles. With the ability to record this multi-view, users can view content in real time or go back to review with DVR functionality. Additionally, each user can customize their own multi-view templates and tailor their screen to the camera angles or other feeds that they want to view and record.

FingerWorks Telestrators Showcases Latest Computer Vision Software

The new FingerWorks Computer Vision Software being used for a hockey broadcast.

(Image credit: FingerWorks)

FingerWorks Telestrators will introduces its new FingerWorks Computer Vision software in North Hall, Booth N1810. This new software solution supports real-time player and field-tracking, as well as a new masking technology.

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FingerWorks Computer Vision’s Player Tracking tool traces the path a player takes and can be applied to a live feed or during a replay. Player tracking allows any player to be selected and focuses on that player and their movements. The Field Tracking tool allows any graphic to be placed and positioned under the players, in real time, and remain in that position during camera pans, tilts and zooms. FingerWorks new masking technology, which is also part of the Computer Vision software, eliminates all logos, markers, etc. and makes them a “virtual” part of the imagery under the players. FingerWorks Computer Vision also automatically detects scene changes such as fast camera moves and camera switches and clears the tools.

“We are excited to showcase this new offering for sports at this year’s NAB show,” said Bryan McKoen, owner, FingerWorks Telestrators. “Sports broadcast can benefit from these advanced tracking tools to pinpoint players or points on the field of play that are important.”

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