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Monterey Conference Center Debuts Studio Space for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Monterey Conference Center Immersive Design Studios CANVAS Studio
(Image credit: Immersive Design Studios)

The Monterey Conference Center and Immersive Design Studios has announced the new 10,000-square-foot CANVAS Studio at Monterey, a state-of-the-art space available for virtual or hybrid meetings and events. The Studio will open in June.

The CANVAS Studio at Monterey provides an immersive and engaging environment for speakers and attendees alike. Located on the second floor of the Monterey Conference Center within the Steinbeck Ballroom, the Studio is equipped with 360-degree wraparound screens and Immersive Design Studios’ CANVAS software platform. Meeting and event speakers can see thousands of remote attendees up on the screens at once, with the flexibility to zoom in on any individual on the fly for spontaneous interactions. Attendees feel immersed in the crowd from anywhere in the world. 

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Studio users can reach larger audiences and new markets around the globe at a fraction of the resources it takes to organize a physical event. The Studio can also enable hybrid events: up to 80 guests can fit comfortably inside the studio space to attend in person, with thousands more tuning in virtually.

“We’re thrilled to be opening this innovative and high-end studio space to enable our clients to expand their reach and augment their revenue streams,” said Doug Phillips, general manager of the Monterey Conference Center. “This past year we have creatively developed solutions to better serve the industry in a post-COVID world, and we believe that offering a blend of hybrid and virtual events well into the future is an excellent way to ensure that meeting planners have flexible and cost-effective options for whatever circumstances may arise.”

“Over the past year we’ve seen the potential of CANVAS-powered studio spaces to transform how business leaders and entertainers can connect with their audiences, while maintaining both the authenticity and the production value of a physical event,” said Kora Van den Bulcke, co-founder and president of Immersive Design Studios. “We are excited to bring CANVAS to the Monterey Conference Center, based in a destination where innovative ideas flourish.”


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