Modern Campus Supercharges Continuing and Workforce Education Catalogs

The Modern Campus Omni catalog software.
(Image credit: Modern Campus)

Modern Campus has launched of the Modern Campus Omni CMS + Destiny One Catalog Connector. The connection between Modern Campus’s non-traditional student management software (Destiny One) and its purpose-built CMS (Omni CMS) makes it easier for higher education institutions to publish catalog information with a simple drag-and-drop editor, advanced design tools, and personalized enhancements.

The launch of the combined solution is yet another channel through which Modern Campus is empowering higher education institutions to engage modern learners for life.

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According to 87% of students, a well-designed website improves their opinion of an institution. But most colleges and universities lack the resources to truly take their catalog pages to the next level. Inconsistent catalog information, a dated appearance, an inability to distinguish themselves online, or poor SEO will ultimately mean schools will lose enrollments to those with a more meaningful online presence.

"Institutions across North America are being tasked with providing today’s modern learners with the modern digital experience they expect. Delivering a modern experience to these seasoned consumers can be challenging with limited available resources—meaning it can be taxing for staff,” said Chad Rowe, vice president for product at Modern Campus. “With this increase in visibility, institutions need to be more agile in creating meaningful digital experiences for learners, helping them make the best decision towards their credential attainment.”

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The Omni CMS + Destiny One Catalog Connector supercharges Destiny One Public View features like catalog search and landing pages. Out-of-the-box Destiny One configuration options allow website administrators to manipulate the page layout and ensure fonts, colors, and styles match institutional brand standards. With the Omni CMS + Destiny One Catalog connector, staff have even more power at their fingertips, allowing them to use intuitive and flexible tools to enhance their website design and content, including rich layout and branding capabilities.

“A college’s ability to provide an on-target and engaging online experience can be critical in the enrollment and recruitment process,” said Marriel Hardy, chief communications officer at Coahoma Community College, in an interview with The EvoLLLution. “For many, an institution’s website acts as a first glance for prospective students and parents, so websites have to be both attractive and informative. Let’s face it, today’s students have many choices, and institutions have to be intentional and deliberate in crafting sites that display the very best of what they have to offer.”

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With the Modern Campus Omni CMS + Destiny One Catalog Connector in place, staff can customize the look and feel of their continuing, workforce, and professional education catalog pages with quick and easy setup and maintenance of landing pages. The Connector facilitates a premium web experience through custom designs, delivers rich personalization that attracts and engages modern learners, and saves time by automatically publishing updated Destiny One Catalog content into Omni CMS.

“Our Omni CMS + Destiny One Catalog Connector is another example of how we’re finding ways to connect the market-leading solutions that exist across our Modern Campus platform,” said Rowe. “Our priority is establishing connections between these tools that enable our partners—representing colleges and universities of all sizes across North America—to best-serve their learners and communities.”

The Modern Campus Omni CMS + Destiny One Catalog Connector provides the following benefits:

  • Automated catalog data updates: Catalog Connector will automatically display the latest catalog data from Destiny One without needing website staff to continuously update or maintain catalog information.
  • Easy to set up and customize: Catalog Connector makes it easy for institutions to get up and running with a compelling, highly engaging Destiny One catalog in Omni CMS within hours.
  • More learner engagement options with Omni CMS: Making catalog data accessible in Omni CMS allows staff to easily customize the look and feel of their catalog pages and focus more on learner engagement. 

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