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LogMeIn Unveils New GoToMeeting as Next Step in UCC Strategy

LogMeIn has announced the next major launch for its GoTo portfolio of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) products with a completely new experience for GoToMeeting. The new GoToMeeting aims to deliver a simple, intuitive end-user experience, while giving IT even more control over deployment, management, and security. The product includes a video-first meeting experience, improved audio quality, a new meeting hub, powerful meeting diagnostics, and additional AI-powered transcription capabilities. These updates help to streamline collaboration with a faster, more modern look and feel that’s consistent across web browsers as well as desktop and mobile applications.

LogMeIn took a user-first approach with the new GoToMeeting, listening to feedback from tens of thousands of collaboration customers to develop the product. LogMeIn’s GoTo portfolio delivers an intuitive experience for end-users while supporting the needs of IT leaders. According to recent research from Ovum, seven out of 10 IT leaders are looking to invest in new collaboration technologies in 2020. The new GoToMeeting was built with IT leaders in mind to support a modern workforce working how, where, and when they want.

“The very nature of work is changing, and we wanted to create a new GoToMeeting that is simple, fast, and intuitive for users, while also giving IT a collaboration platform that sets them up for the future,” said Mark Strassman senior vice president and general manager of unified communications and collaboration at LogMeIn. “Today we are releasing the videoconferencing experience of tomorrow to revolutionize the way people collaborate with the most modern solution available. Through thousands of conversations and feedback from our customers, we reimagined the new GoToMeeting to deliver a delightful end-user experience, while also providing the security and reliability IT expects from a trusted communications and collaboration provider. We are excited to launch this new experience today to further drive GoTo’s leadership in the video meetings space.”

In this new release, GoToMeeting has launched a series of updates to improve the ease of the collaboration platform for IT and users before, during, and after the meeting.

Pre-Meeting Experience

  • The Hub: Streamline your workday with a single workspace for your meetings, complete with meeting information, diagnostics, and the ability to chat, start, and schedule meetings.
  • Scheduling: It’s easier than ever to choose between one-time or any-time meetings. Hosts can now create multiple personal meeting rooms with custom branding for teams to jump in and collaborate instantly at any time. GoToMeeting has also updated its popular calendar plugins and integrations with Office 365 and Outlook, GSuite Calendar, Salesforce, and more and continues to support integrations with tools like Slack and Zoho.
  • Faster Join Time: Starting a session with the new GoToMeeting is 65-percent faster than before. Attendees also have the ability to choose between a download-free web meeting, or joining via the new GoToMeeting desktop or mobile apps. All users will see a preview as to what they’ll look like before joining the meeting to turn video on from the start.

In-Meeting Experience

  • A New User Experience: A completely reimagined video-first design makes video meetings easier than ever. Important controls, such as leaving the meeting and the ability to see exactly what you are sharing, are now front and center. Meeting hosts have the ability to choose multiple camera views, along with new controls including screen shot and zoom in or out to focus on a particular area of the screen being shared.
  • Unparalleled Audio: Wide-band VoIP capabilities are now available via PSTN along with additional audio enhancements for best-in-class audio quality, even in extreme low-bandwidth situations.
  • Real-time Note Taking: Within the GoToMeeting session, hosts and attendees can take real-time notes. Upon recording a session, notes are time-stamped and embedded within the meeting transcription. Users have the ability to identify a meeting highlight or mark an action item from the Smart Notes tool. Notes will be saved and can be shared after the meeting.
  • The Same Experience Across Devices: The GoToRoom, GoToMeeting mobile, and GoToMeeting web browser experiences have also been updated to reflect the new look and feel for a consistent workflow and feature set regardless of how a user joins a meeting.

Post-Meeting Experience

  • AI-Powered Transcription: Unlimited cloud recording means you never miss a moment. Meeting transcripts make content digestible in minutes—allowing hosts and attendees to spend less time note taking and more time participating in the meeting.
  • Video to Slides: Automatically capture presentation slides during meetings and share in a downloadable PDF.
  • Easy to Share: View, download, and share transcripts, video, and notes with meeting attendees.

IT Power and Control

  • Meeting Diagnostics Report: IT administrators can view meeting diagnostics to monitor audio and video quality, and identify and troubleshoot root causes for meeting quality issues.
  • GoToRoom: We’ve partnered with Poly and Dolby to deliver turnkey video room solutions that install in minutes. Meetings start with just one click, from both the in-room screen as well as from the mobile app with the same new GoToMeeting experience.
  • InRoom Link: JoinGoToMeeting sessions with your existing SIP and H.323 videoroom systems (such as Cisco and Poly).
  • Security and Reliability: GoToMeeting implements standards-based cryptography, SOC 2 and SOC 3 compliance, high-availability cloud-hosted service infrastructure, and administration and user-based roles and controls to maximize confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
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