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Lifesize Enhances Share Platform

The What: Lifesize has announced enhancements to its Lifesize Share platform, with the aim of making it easier and more cost-effective for organizations to build and automate multifunctional meeting spaces. 

The What Else: Building on Lifesize Share’s wireless screen-sharing features, the enhanced platform allows users to consolidate the user experiences for multiple meeting room solutions and display technologies into a single, centrally managed device. Highlights of the new platform include:

  • One-Touch Meetings: Use Bluetooth beacon technology to launch Lifesize room systems remotely and join meetings from recognized mobile devices;
  • Digital Signage: Present content on connected screens in meeting rooms and around the office with support for ScreenCloud digital signage;
  • Automated Content Switching: Switch the in-room display from digital signage to a video call automatically, then return to digital signage when the call ends;
  • Whiteboard Capture: Capture and share whiteboard content, chronicling your entire session in real time, with meeting participants anywhere using the Kaptivo whiteboard collaboration system.

“With Lifesize Share, companies can now easily automate device management for meeting spaces around the office, saving valuable time and thousands of dollars normally required to integrate different technologies into a user-friendly experience,” said Craig Malloy, Lifesize CEO. “The platform also offers automated updates for software improvements and new app integrations, so users can access new features and functionality without complicating their current configuration or causing interoperability issues.”

The platform’s integration with ScreenCloud allows organizations to transform screens around their offices into dynamic, automated content displays. Through the integration, connected screens inside and outside of meeting rooms can be set up to show original content, as well as highly customizable content from more than 70 free apps, including meeting schedules, company news, social media feeds, and more to drive internal awareness and engagement.

“The ability to visualize data and content plays a crucial role in an effective communications strategy, especially when it comes to engaging with employees,” said Mark McDermott, CEO of ScreenCloud. “With ScreenCloud digital signage for Lifesize Share, businesses can turn unused screens in meeting rooms and around their offices into the ideal channel for communicating with staff without spending additional time or funds to introduce new display systems.”

With support for Kaptivo’s whiteboard collaboration system, Lifesize Share also allows users to capture and share content drawn on a physical whiteboard in real time for remote participants. The content is digitized, safe, and secure.

“Sometimes in meetings you just need to whiteboard your ideas, but whiteboards have been the odd man out of digital collaboration,” said David Hsieh, Kaptivo CEO. “Together with Kaptivo, Lifesize is simplifying the next generation of real-time, visual collaboration for any kind of meeting.”

The Bottom Line: The Lifesize Share platform is designed to provide a streamlined experience for wirelessly sharing media and video content on any connected screens, as well as new integrations for digital signage with ScreenCloud and whiteboard collaboration with Kaptivo.

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