Kaptivo Enterprise Integration with BlueJeans Rooms Available Now - AvNetwork.com
Kaptivo Enables BlueJeans Users to Share Dry-Erase Whiteboard Content with One Touch

The What: Kaptivo can now be integrated with BlueJeans, a cloud service to fully connect desktops, mobile devices, and room systems in one video meeting. 

The What Else: The camera attaches to the top of any standard dry-erase board to capture and share content in real time, and the images are instantly enhanced to remove any reflections, glare, and people blocking the board. Kaptivo, which uses existing whiteboard and markers, requires no apps, downloads, or plugins. Users press “Share Your Whiteboard” on the BlueJeans Dolby Conference Phone or iPad, and the dry-erase content is shared instantly with all viewers.

“An important part of the modern work experience is to reduce friction, to get rid of anything that gets in the way of the meeting itself. Whether it’s behavioral or peripheral, we want to eliminate anything that gets in the way," said Steve Weinstock, business development and integration partnerships, BlueJeans Network. "A traditional whiteboard requires users to take pictures of the board and send them to colleagues as follow up, and that impedes the flow of the meeting. Kaptivo enables us to enhance the BlueJeans experience for our users and continue our commitment to provide simple to use, fully integrated solutions that increase collaboration and productivity.”

The Bottom Line: Kaptivo enables BlueJeans participants to effectively share whiteboard content with remote meeting participants. 


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