Hall Research Debuts POLARIS-1 Web-Based Control System

Hall Reasearch POLARIS-1
(Image credit: Hall Research)

The What: Hall Research's POLARIS-1 is a web-based control system designed to manage third-party devices and video-over-IP systems. Its control interface can be accessed from any device that supports a standard browser. 

The What Else: POLARIS-1 architecture enables users to control devices from a smart device and enables administrators to create various zones or rooms and assign displays to each zone. Layouts or maps can be uploaded to aid users in identifying the physical position of the displays in each zone. The system can support up to 32 users simultaneously and perform real-time scheduling and real-time feedback on controls—an essential feature when multiple users are using the same control panel. The built-in support for the VERSA-4K Dynamic Virtual Matrix (DVM) allows it to switch the groups of the encoders and decoders. 

The Bottom Line: POLARIS-1 is designed to enable end users and integrators with no specialized programming skills to deploy a video-over-IP system with control. Users can access the controller using any browser from any smart device (phone, tablet, PC, etc).

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