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DSF Hangout to Discuss "Digital Signage as a University Class"

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The Digital Signage Federation invites DSF members and non-members alike to attend its Wednesday, September 21 “Hangout” panel discussion at 2pm EDT, which will discuss “Digital Signage as a University Class” and the LeoVision Digital Signage project.

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At La Verne University, a diverse group of students with different majors were able to apply various strengths and disciplines to create a company called LeoVision Digital Signage as part of a class project. The company continues to change and adapt to the needs of the university and externally. Through trial and error the class will continue to alter methods based upon what they believe is best for not just for LeoVision but the Business Consulting Program as a whole.

Hangouts are 45-minute panel discussions using Google’s Hangout platform with a moderator.

Panelists for this hangout will include La Verne University Business School Class Advisors Stephen Monteros, VP Sales Operations, SIGMAnet and Garrett Curran, Team Associate – Public Sector, SIGMAnet along with a variery of La Verne students who participated in the class.

“The Business Consulting program has provided a strong foundation for students to fully understand how a company functions," said Breanna Gallegos, student participant and panelist. "By working as a company we have taken one person's idea and made it a reality. We are constantly learning, adapting and evolving with the industry. With assurance the most beneficial actions are taken for LeoVision Digital Signage. This program has opened many doors while introducing us to many wonderful experts who are willing to assist in our higher level of learning.”

The panel will also discuss the evolution of the project and further development, the transitions in technology have occurred during the project lifecycle, the primary objectives of the LeoVision project and how the current class is building a foundation for future students to grow

More information on the September 21 Hangout event or other DSF events can be found on the DSF website. Both DSF members and non-members may join these, or any of the DSF’s scheduled Hangout conversations for free – but registration is required and can be accessed on the “DSF Event Web Page” of the DSF website at: http://digitalsignagefederation.com/hangouts


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