Direct View LED– Consultant's Webinar with Alan Brawn Dec. 7th

On Wednesday, December 7th, direct view LED takes center stage in a webinar sponsored by Premier Mounts and Brawn Consulting, a chance to stay ahead of the competition by learning more about technical issues of direct view LED technology. Registration is still open to attend the webinar. Click here to register.

In 2015 alone, the direct-view LED video market saw a 366% increase in sub 1.99 millimeter, and a 129% increase in 2 to 4.99 millimeter pixel pitch LED video displays. The last twelve months have followed suit. Opportunity is ripe – the potential for new ideas, new approaches and new projects has never been better.

“Videowall applications are exploding. Restaurants, movie theaters, concert– where haven’t you seen them? These are exciting times for the AV and digital signage industries as we see the growing adoption of direct view LED displays,” said Alan Brawn, who will moderate the webinar. “It is incumbent on design/build professionals to know how LED works and what part direct view LED plays in the design equation. And a key component of a direct view LED application is the mounting system.”

Brawn Consulting has over 40 years of expertise in audio visual consulting, training and educational development. Alan Brawn was awarded the InfoComm Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011 and he is the past Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation and the Pro AV Hall of Fame recognition from rAVe in 2004. Jonathan Brawn received the InfoComm 2012 Young AV Professional award and holds over seven technical AV certifications.

Premier Mounts, for the past 39 years, has built a reputation for quality and innovation in the audio-visual industry. Originally focused on LCD and CRT projector mounts, Premier Mounts later developed one of the first after-market plasma-display mounts, and now is creating groundbreaking mounting solutions for new direct view LED panels.

Registration is still open to attend the webinar. Click here to register.