Control Concepts Supported Product Program Expands

The logos of the multiple companies now part of the Control Concepts Supported Product Program.
(Image credit: Control Concepts)

Control Concepts Supported Product program has expanded, now with 12 companies and over 50 products supported through this program. Control Concepts announced the addition of Biamp, Clockaudio, Middle Atlantic, and WyreStorm to join AVPro Edge, AtlasIED, Hunter Douglas, Lutron, Nureva, Panasonic Connect, Smart Monkeys, and SurgeX at InfoComm 2024. 

There are 12 companies and over 50 products supported through this program. This continued growth demonstrates the importance and value that ease of control and product integration have to manufacturers while providing programmers with a tried-and-true solution that addresses their specific needs.

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“The Control Concepts Supported Product Program continues to be influential in the success of feature-rich, scalable, network-based products that rely on proven, tested, and supported control solutions,” remarked Steve Greenblatt, Control Concepts president and founder. “The importance of a program where manufacturers can promote their API integrations and differentiate their authorized, supported, and maintained modules, drivers, and plugins from other unofficial offerings has proven incredibly valuable.”

Manufacturers whose products are Control Concepts Supported benefit from the knowledge, experience, and reputation built over 25 years of the company's rich history as AV control system programmers. Control Concepts Supported Products also offer specifiers confidence in choosing these products over alternatives that may not offer the same ease of control, programming, integration, interoperability, and premium-level support.

"When it comes to controlling products, we have found that even the best written and most fully vetted modules, drivers, and plugins do not guarantee successful project outcomes," shared Brittany DiCesare, director of sales and operations at Control Concepts.  "It is the field programming experience of the Control Concepts team of seasoned developers that allows us to guarantee the successful outcomes that manufacturers, programmers, and integrators expect when deploying a solution.

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“In the AV industry, everyone knows the importance of adapting to changes.  Whether it is in response to control system firmware updates, feature upgrades, or unforeseen requirements, modules, drivers, and plugins must be maintained and kept current,” continued DiCesare. “The Control Concepts Supported Product Program ensures that support issues will be addressed with priority and updates will be released promptly and effectively.”

The Control Concepts Supported Product program continues to raise the bar by setting a new standard in the industry, empowering integrators and programmers with the confidence that they can rely upon products with proven control backed by a company that understands the needs and challenges of AV programmers.

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