Check out This Ginormous 'Outdoor LED Spectacular' for Hewlett Packard

A rainbow inspired massive LED display outside of Hewlett Packard.
(Image credit: SNA Displays)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently teamed up with SNA Displays to bring a digital-signage wow factor to the outside of its global headquarters in Houston, TX. 

An assortment of indoor and outdoor LED video displays from SNA Displays make for an engulfing experience, but also lends itself to immersive artistic and inspirational pieces, branded creative, workplace, and client information, and other dynamic content.

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Technology integration company i.e.Smart Systems oversaw the entire project. The EMPIRE Exterior video display from SNA Displays is, simply put, massive, covering roughly 3500 square feet. Per SNA Displays, it measures approximately 39x90 feet, processing nearly 2.3 million pixels.

“Stepping onto HPE’s Houston campus and being greeted by such a large and striking video canvas forges a powerful first impression,” said Jason Helton, executive vice president at SNA Displays. “It definitely creates a high-tech ambiance and lets visitors and employees know without question that they are entering a cutting-edge environment.” 

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Check it out in action in the link below. 

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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