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BrightSign Unveils Touchless Engagement Solutions

The What: BrightSign is releasing BrightLink and BrightMenu to help retailers, restaurants, and other businesses safely operate in the face of new health regulations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic

BrightSign BrightLink

BrightLink (Image credit: BrightSign)

The What Else: BrightLink is a new touchless solution that eliminates the need to physically engage with touch-interactive digital signage. By simply scanning a QR code, customers transfer control of the experience to their phones to browse or interact with content as they normally would, eliminating the need for physical contact.

BrightSign BrightMenu

BrightMenu (Image credit: BrightSign)

BrightMenu uses very similar BrightSign technology, but delivers a one-way experience whereby patrons scan a QR code and receive the restaurant’s menu on their mobile device—no internet connection, no app to download, and no printed menus.

The Bottom Line: “Safely resuming operations requires businesses to reimagine the experience they offer customers, particularly as it relates to any sort of physical engagement,” said Ann Holland, VP of marketing at BrightSign. “We all want to get back to work, and at BrightSign we especially want to help our partners—retail, higher ed, corporate, hospitality, and more—open up for business in as safe a way as possible.”

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