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Bittree Unveils New Patch Panel Enclosure Series

Bittree Unveils New Patch Panel Enclosure Series

The What: Bittree has launched the DSFB124NL series of patch panel enclosures.

The What Else: The first product in the series, the DSFB124NL-ST, is now shipping and accommodates high-density, simplex ST-to-ST connections. A second version, the DSFB124NL-LC will follow later in 2018 to accommodate duplex LC-to-LC connections. Both products will accommodate single and multi-mode fiber applications, while its compact 1RU form factor enables high-density 24-position patching – an important benefit in facilities with limited rack space.

Unlike previous-generation Bittree enclosures, the new DSFB124NL series includes steel gliding rails for easier access to connections, instead of the friction-based trays of the past. The gliding trays offer a huge benefit for smooth movement and steady-locking positions simplifying access between ports as technicians move, add, or make changes to the fiber-optic network. The enclosure comes with grommets, cable strain reliefs, and bend radius guides, and along with knock-out positions available on all four sides, technicians can easily accommodate any demanding installation.

The Bottom Line: The feed-through, slide-out enclosure solution is ideal for customers managing interconnections and cross-connections within IT closets and data centers, as well as in TV and radio facilities, recording studios, sports and live event venues, and various commercial AV architectures.