Big AVoIP News: Sencore Unveils PlexusAV—Here's Everything You Need to Know

The logo for the new human-centric AVoIP source PlexusAV.
(Image credit: Sencore)

Introducing Sencore's PlexusAV, a new professional AV division providing a suite of human-focused AV-over-IP solutions. PlexusAV is designed and engineered as a standards-based AV-over-IP solution to provide products that are backward- and forward-compatible, reliable, capable and future-proof.

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Based on SMPTE ST 2110, PlexusAV eliminates the stress of selecting an AV-over-IP technology by leveraging a standards-based solution. As a result, PlexusAV is building interoperable, compatible, adaptable, and stress-free AV-over-IP solutions. Backed by over 70 years of broadcast history, PlexusAV is researching, designing, and now manufacturing solutions for the modern integrator with their customers in mind. PlexusAV’s ecosystem improves AV-over-IP system performance and reliability and builds compatible solutions that are stress-free. The human-centric design behind PlexusAV eliminates traditional restrictions behind ecosystems and project design. With PlexusAV, integrators are not locked into a customized ecosystem that limits innovation or requires more network bandwidth than necessary.

“There’s a proliferation of broadcast companies entering the professional AV industry because of their experience delivering 8K resolutions with AV-over-IP technology. At the same time, the professional AV industry is moving towards IP-based networking solutions,” said Steven Cogels, global director of business development for PlexusAV. “Compared to other broadcast companies, we are taking a unique and new approach to the professional AV industry. We’re gathering our success in the broadcast industry through Sencore and translating the success into an entirely new product lineup built specifically for professional AV applications. You could say that PlexusAV is a start-up with 70 years of success.”

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The PlexusAV ecosystem is built for interoperability because it's based on the AIMS Alliance IPMX proposed standard, which is built on SMPTE ST 2110. Designed to enable transport of compressed and uncompressed video, audio, and data over IP networks, PlexusAV’s integration of IPMX specifications and standards addresses the professional AV industry’s need for a single set of common, ubiquitous standards-based protocols that ensure interoperability for AV-over-IP. Designed for higher education, large venues, healthcare, enterprise, and other applications, PlexusAV simplifies AV-over-IP by offering multiple versions of encoders and decoders to create an innovative, accessible and human-centric ecosystem. 

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