Americans Come 4th in the World in Terms of Cybersecurity, Study Finds

NordVPN recently launched a National Privacy Test to gain insights into the global level of cybersecurity awareness and found that Americans are fourth in the world in terms of their cybersecurity skills and knowledge.

The U.S. got 68.5 points out of 100 in the National Privacy Test and was outplayed by three European countries: Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Watch the video below to learn more about the top five cybersecurity insights gained from the research.

Americans have demonstrated a great knowledge of how to behave when facing direct threats online (87.3/100). For example, 92.9 percent of respondents understand that the bargains on streaming service accounts you can find on eBay are stolen credentials and should not be bought. 

What Americans fell short of the most was habits. A third of respondents (30.6 percent) proceed without “wasting” their time on reading the privacy policy, while 31.0 percent postpone software updates indefinitely.

NordVPN says 48,000 people from 192 countries participated in the National Privacy Test, and analysis was performed only on countries where the number of respondents was higher than 400. 

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