ABCOMRENTS Brings Absen X2v Corner LED Tile to Market

ABCOMRENTS Brings Absen X2v Corner LED Tile to Market
  • ABCOMRENTS introduced a corner tile to the live events and digital signage industry.

The Absen X2v corner tile is a seamless edge for an LED wall corner or cube with no visible gap that uses two tiles of the XV series mobile indoor/outdoor LED displays. It is a true edge to edge solution that users can run continuous content across.

“The Absen X2v corner tile is a huge solution to a common challenge in the LED industry," said Sonny Goyal, Managing Director or ABCOMRENTS. "LED tiles do not fit into a 90 degree angle without a large gap in between them. ABCOMRENTS has worked closely with Absen, a valued partner, to offer this solution to clients around the nation. We can now create cubes and other shapes with limitless potential."

Without a gap to distract viewers content can now run smoothly and seamlessly around the corner of the Absen X2v LED wall. This takes any wall, cube, or shape to the next level to give it the most professional, flawless appearance. The X2v shows a crisp picture with its 2.6mm pixel pitch. Pair this with its curve ability and it becomes the perfect solution for any need, in any setting!

“We’ve seen so many clients stumped by LED angles or corners in the past that we wanted to create a truly seamless answer for them; it opens up new possibilities for creative exhibitors. There are many impressive features of this tile to provide a wow factor for any build out,” explained Goyal.

Goyal sees applications for these corner LED tiles in temporary and permanent installations, including tradeshow booth exhibits, event rentals, experiential marketing events and any situation demanding unique presentation. Not only does ABCOMRENTS now offer these tiles nationally, but they also carry the Absen 3mm & 5mm pixel pitch tiles that can be used outdoors as well.

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