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4K Resolution Demystified

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Brawn Consulting will present a webinar entitled 4K: Resolution, Demystified on July 26th. The webinar will last 1 hour and is sponsored by Canon.

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The webinar will explore the concept of resolution and pixel density, including the famous Apple Retina Display concept, as well as viewing distance and how it relates to pixel density and visual acuity. It will also cover the types of 4K projection available today; both native and pixel shift, and how close they come to approaching the full 4K experience.

This webinar will set the stage for the next in the series, which will discuss UHD and HDR and how it will impact the industry. All webinars in this series carry CTS-RU credits and will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Registration is available here.


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CyberTouch 4K MultiTouch Monitors

CyberTouch released a line of 4K multitouch monitors – the Rio 4K Series. The Rio 4K line of multitouch monitors offer high-definition resolution of 3840 x 2160. Allowing up to 32 simultaneous inputs using advanced IR technology, Rio 4K offers a smooth interactive canvas with absolutely no ghosting or blind spots. Rio 4K is currently offered in diagonal sizes of 32”, 55”, 65”, and 84”

SMPTE 4K Symposium Agenda Set

The SMPTE 4K/UHD Symposium is set for October 21 in Hollywood, California. The event will feature industry leader talks and discussion, plus demonstrations of Ultra High Definition / 4K ecosystem products.