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On AV Control 2.0: Hall Technologies

Ken Eagle, Vice President of Technology at Hall Technologies
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AVT Question: Please share insight into the importance of AV control in today’s environment and what to expect in the near future. [June 2022]

Thought Leader: Ken Eagle, Vice President of Technology at Hall Technologies (opens in new tab)

AV control is expanding campus and enterprise-wide systems to push boundaries beyond AV to parallel network systems to integrate with the control platform. By controlling IoT devices, legacy control and automation systems, the right control solution offers a huge ROI campus-wide. For example, the right platform can direct all the rooms to turn off all lights, adjust the temperature at a specific time and provide real-time technical support to room participants. Multiply that by the number of rooms and buildings, and the savings is significant. 

Control solutions must be flexible when it comes to integration with other platforms." —Ken Eagle, Vice President of Technology at Hall Technologies

Ease of use has become critical. Technology decision makers need to consider challenges like downloading drivers, hardware support required and GUIs that are intuitive for all participants. Hall Technologies is in align with the business shift away from complex programming and proprietary platforms to open-access configuration-based solutions. With a campus or enterprise control platform, there will be a wide range of users with varying expertise, and a critical benefit will be ease of access from in-room controls as well as mobile devices carried in by the meeting participants.

The most robust solutions will include both on premises and remote participants. In the post-COVID world, a hybrid environment is common, and the control platform should take that into consideration. For example, our HIVE solution works with all soft-codec conferencing tools and mobile devices, so accessing room conferencing features from Zoom, Teams, Google, and others is quick and easy. Control solutions must be flexible when it comes to integration with other platforms.

A centralized management system maximizes the benefits of control solutions. The AV and IT teams should work closely together to plan for and coordinate network infrastructure and system requirements.

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