Best in Class of 2022: Indiana University

Indiana University
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Indiana University: As part of new construction at Indiana University, the Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence, classroom 1001 was designed at the directive Indiana University’s President. “They wanted a space to highlight virtual reality and have the students and facility immersed in the experience as if they were wearing VR headsets,” said Joshua Foster, manager, Learning Space Design, UITS Learning Spaces and Technology Services at IU. “They also wanted the room to be completely flexible and have full hybrid capabilities so that any of the 100 students could be heard for Zoom/Teams remote learning and lecture capture.”

Indiana University

The overall solution provides a unique opportunity for instruction where there is much less lecturing and much more discussion, debate and group questioning. (Image credit: Gift License compliments of BSA LifeStructures; Caleb Tkach, AIAP)


“The biggest challenge for us was the curved projection image,” Foster said. “This was not something we had done before as it was a unique 21:9 aspect ratio at almost 19’-3” long and 8’-4” high. We engaged several of our manufacturers to iron out the details to create a seamless experience. The other hurdle was the requirement for everything from source to destination to be native 4K including the projector. We have done plenty of 4K displays but 4K projection was new for us.”


“The room operates like our other classrooms so any faculty or staff member can walk into the space and use it in a basic operation mode,” Foster added. “Those who need to use some of its more advanced technical capabilities have an advanced configuration mode where advanced routing and room orientation can occur. There is a specialty high resolution PC that is in the system that users can plug a VR headset into the lectern and use to drive the custom 4K curved projection wall.”


Indiana University, University Information Technology Services/Learning Space Design and Classroom Technology Services 

Julie Johnson, Director of Learning Spaces

Mark Russell, Group Manager, Learning Spaces and Technology Services

Joshua Foster, Manager of Learning Space Design

DATE COMPLETED:  December 20, 2021



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