AV Technology Manager’s Guide to AI & AV and The Cloud

AV Technology Manager’s Guide to AI & AV and The Cloud
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NOW AVAILABLE! AV Technology Manager’s Guide to AI & AV and The Cloud

18 AV/IT Thought Leaders from the AV/IT industry were invited to share their insights on the transformative potential of AI and cloud AV. While these technologies have been in use for a few years, this year could be the turning point, inspiring us to embrace change and innovation.

20 Very Intelligent Products: AI-enabled software for creating GUIs; cloud-based configuration for controllers; cloud CMS; Cloud-managed smart switches; AI differentiates between noises and speech; Cloud device management; AI PTZs with advanced recognition and enhances video quality; cloud-based monitoring and management; LEDs with chip-on-board technology, and much more.

2 Inspiring Case Studies: Seneca Polytechnic is making it easier for students and faculty to interact with content through its centralized and digital IT infrastructure. | Utah Department of Transportation’s Traffic

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