31 Visualization Solutions for 2022

31 Visualization Solutions for 2022
(Image credit: Future)

The confluence of advanced display technologies becoming literally and figuratively more flexible, as well as a more affordable total cost of ownership, have led creative agencies to embrace “digital signage” as a canvas for everything from informational signage to immersive environments. 

Architects are designing building facades with digital canvases incorporated rather than retrofitted. Corporate lobbies are awash with dvLED video walls that transport visitors to a curated experience that enforces a brand mission. More retailers are developing omnichannel marketing programs that nurture the customer journey from online to highly interactive displays in the store.

I’m excited to witness how digital signage has evolved to become a visualization medium with thoughtful design considerations for the application, audience, and message. 

The stunning canvases couldn't happen without many supporting players such as mounts, switchers, cables, content management systems, and more. 

Following are 31 visualization products and solutions (in random order). 


Hall Technologies

(Image credit: Hall Technologies)

Hall Technologies’ HSM-44-UHD 4x4 matrix video switcher is ideal for use for multimedia presentations to create a fluid interactive method of presenting. This 4x4 matrix switcher supports HDMI resolutions up to 4K @ 60Hz4:4:4 as well as HDCP 2.2 and 1.4, 3D, deep-color and PCM, Dolby, DTS, and HD audio standards all in a small 1-RU package. Users can save and recall multiple matrix routing configuration presets from the easy-to-use front LCD panel display. EDID is automatically calculated based on each of the connected sinks. This product is shipping and available now.

Performance Series Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cables 


(Image credit: C2G)

C2G’s Performance Series Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cables offer bandwidth up to 48Gbps and support all HDMI 2.1 features—including uncompressed 8K at 60Hz and 4K at 120Hz, dynamic HDR and eARC—making them ideal for delivering immersive viewing experiences in high-resolution applications like digital signage. An in-wall-rated jacket allows installers to safely run the cables inside walls for a clean, clutter-free look. For high-density environments, they feature compact overmolding, and integrated finger grips on connectors allow for easy insertion and removal. Offered in five lengths from two to 12 feet, the cables are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays


(Image credit: Peerless-AV)

Peerless-AV’s Xtreme High Bright Outdoor Displays are the perfect digital signage or entertainment solution for any professional application. Featuring an IP66-rated design, XHB displays are fully protected against water, dust, moisture, and insects. With an operating temperature range of -31 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, XHB displays are designed to thrive outside year-round. The Xtreme High Bright line of commercial displays also offers 2500nits of light output to combat high ambient lighting conditions, and the ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s brightness, optimizing both power consumption and the viewer’s experience.

Element MP 


(Image credit: Seneca)

Seneca’s Element MP is the latest platform from one of the digital signage industry’s technology leaders. Described as “disruptive”, the Element MP is considered the most dynamic media player ever designed, with the easiest-out-of-box experience in the industry. From entry-level to enterprise applications—whether utilized as a media player, delivering 8K content at the edge; or as smart device, interfacing with programmatic sensors—the ElementMP offers unparalleled performance.

More than just our devices, the Seneca Experience offers easy deployment tools via our Maestro application and advanced device management with xConnect Guardian—all backed by our world-class support and warranty.

LHM2-N & LHM2-P Active Optical Cables

Opticis USA

(Image credit: Opticis USA)

Opticis USA’s LHM2-N & LHM2-P Active Optical Cables were recently unveiled. The two additions to Opticis’ active optical cable (AOC) lineup are the LHM2-N (fixed-end) and LHM2-P (detachable). These new HDMI 2.0-based additions to Opticis’ AOC lineup offer simple plug-and-play installation and deliver true 4K (4096x2160) resolution for high-speed video and audio signal transmission up to 100m (328ft) without any degradation. The all-new LHM2-N and LHM2-P are made explicitly for mission-critical, digital signage, and cinematic display applications using a plenum-, LSZH-, or TPU-graded hybrid cable. These high-performance active optical cables support a high dynamic range (HDR) with digital cinematic initiatives (DCI) that display vibrant images and offer incredible theatrical experiences for movie enthusiasts.

FW-100BZ40J & FW-32BZ30J 


(Image credit: Sony)

Sony’s FW-100BZ40J and FW-32BZ30J professional BRAVIA displays combine the brand’s proven image quality, ease of use, and specialized cosmetic design. The 100-inch (FW-100BZ40J) option provides immersive engagement in big venues or small rooms, while the 32-inch (FW-32BZ30J) offering can be used in classrooms, offices, or even at home. Flexible features common to both models include powerful processors, Pro Mode for customized settings, IP control, and mirroring functionality. Sony’s BRAVIA displays are the only professional displays that feature integrated mirroring through both Chromecast built-in and Apple AirPlay 2, providing a simple, quick, and seamless connection from a user’s device, which can enhance collaboration.

DigiSign Plus CMS Software 


(Image credit: MuxLab)

MuxLab’s DigiSign Plus CMS software paired with the 4K Digital Signage Player Plus, and you get an unparalleled digital signage solution. MuxLab’s DigiSign Plus CMS Software helps you deliver targeted content reaching your customers to maximize sales and boost your revenue. DigiSign Plus was designed for an exceptional user experience with easy set up and maintenance. With easy-to-use widgets and a huge library of ready-to-use templates, we make designing content easy and seamless. DigiSign Plus offers key features like Proof of Play and Screen Rotation and makes user management a breeze. Our easy-to-use scheduler allows you to schedule content daily, monthly, and every annually
in seconds.


Aurora Multimedia

(Image credit: Aurora Multimedia)

Aurora Multimedia’s IPX-UC1-ULTRA makes it possible to capture, process, and distribute captivating visualization with a single product. The feature-packed IPX-UC1-ULTRA truly simplifies the AV technology manager’s workflow.

For digital signage, store the content on the UC1’s internal 1TB SSD. Process the content workflow with the integrated 11th-generation Intel processor. Deliver the content via 10Gbps, 1Gbps, and 10/100Mbps streams in both directions simultaneously. Automation, audio transport, and scaling are still just scratching the surface of the UC1’s capabilities.

Aurora’s IPX-UC1-ULTRA is the ultimate all-in-one Unified Communications solution. Literally everything but the display.



(Image credit: LG)

LG’s One:Quick series of collaboration solutions is designed to support all in-person and remote work environments. The series includes three parts: the One:Quick Works video conferencing display and all-around productivity tool; the versatile One:Quick Flex touch display with a moveable stand to accommodate diverse usage scenarios; and the One:Quick Share wireless presentation system which allows users to easily connect their laptop wirelessly to compatible LG digital signage products. This latest collection is designed to deliver an intuitive experience, enhancing productivity and collaboration to make office communication more convenient than ever.

Radian Flex

Black Box

(Image credit: Black Box)

Black Box’s Radian Flex video wall software leverages commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to enable the display of high-quality content from any source, in any resolution, across multi-screen display walls—including distributed visualization across multiple sites—in real time and in any creative configuration imaginable. Running on users’ existing Gigabit Ethernet networks, Radian Flex supports seamless content visualization at a budget-friendly price point. The software’s intuitive interface flattens the learning curve while providing powerful content manipulation capabilities. Because the solution can be scaled up simply, users can extend their visualization systems quickly, easily, and economically.

Pandoras Box V8 Software License 


(Image credit: Christie)

Christie’s Pandoras Box V8 Software License, designed for real-time video processing and show control, features a host of professional new features, a simplified workflow, and streamlined licensing. Now, one single license has the full Pandoras Box software family feature suite, to deliver the high-level media processing performance required for fixed installations and live events, in a budget-friendly platform.

The simpler, more robust software supports NDI network streams, offers a comprehensive and deep implementation of Notch, and accessibility to native Dante audio without requiring configuration. It can be paired with an existing custom setup or any Christie hardware.



(Image credit: ViewSonic)

ViewSonic’s LD135-151 is an all-in-one direct-view LED display. With the 135-inch size, it’s designed to be a visual centerpiece for a variety of content applications. It delivers stunning image quality with native 1080p resolution, 1.5mm pixel pitch, 600 nits of brightness, 4,440Hz refresh rate, and 120 percent Rec.709. With built-in ViewBoard Cast screen sharing software and the optional vCastSender app, users on-site and online can participate and share content. The LD135-151 features twin dual-core processors, 4GB RAM, and 32GB of internal memory to run multimedia from internal storage or a flash drive.


(Image credit: Extron)

Extron ShareLink Pro installations can now be turned into a dynamic and vibrant digital signage system when users aren’t connected or sharing content. Our latest LinkLicense upgrade utilizes downtime in ShareLink Pro 1100 and ShareLink Pro 500 systems by displaying customized information, news, or announcements from third-party digital signage providers like Appspace, Carousel, or Seenspire. ShareLink Pro displays now operate as both collaboration presentation systems and engaging digital signage systems, adding greater flexibility and functionality to your collaboration installations.

XT Media Players


(Image credit: BrightSign)

BrightSign’s XT media players are ideal for enterprise applications demanding unsurpassed performance and state-of-the-art technology. With a powerful 4K video engine, BrightSign’s fastest HTML and graphics engine, and the company’s most powerful CPU, BrightSign XT is capable of handling the most demanding video applications. All BrightSign XT models feature Gigabit Ethernet, and BrightSign XT is the only product line offering dual 4K video decoding, 4K full resolution graphics, PoE+ as well as HDMI in for Live TV playback. BrightSign’s purpose-build XT media players deliver near-zero downtime, with performance that far exceeds PC-based digital signage at a fraction of the cost.

DirectLight Ultra Series 


(Image credit: Planar)

Planar’s DirectLight Ultra Series line of MicroLED video wall displays delivers always-on, high-performance, high-resolution display experiences with the finest pixel pitches—from 0.6 to 0.9 millimeters—for mission-critical and refined applications. Planar DirectLight Ultra Series presents several display technology advancements that, in combination, deliver big performance with MicroLED technology, off-board power supply, proprietary alignment technology and the powerful Planar WallDirector Video Controller and corresponding video wall management software. The U.S. TAA-compliant displays are also covered by the Planar EverCare Lifetime Limited Warranty, providing complete product coverage from controller to sub-pixel and everything in between.

PowerLite 805F


(Image credit: Epson)

Epson’s PowerLite 805F ultra short-throw laser projector offers low-maintenance, intelligent software, and powerful projection to unleash impactful experiences practically anywhere. Leveraging a convenient ultra-short throw design, Epson’s 3LCD laser technology, Full HD resolution, and up to 5,000 lumens, the PowerLite 805F delivers up to 130 inches of captivating, true-to-life images with 360-degree placement to transform a variety of spaces. This laser projector streamlines workflows with a full array of connectivity options and built-in content management software with a compatible creative content projection app that allows users to easily create custom content and amazing effects.

AxisTV Signage Suite


(Image credit: Visix)

Visix’s AxisTV Signage Suite allows you to publish message playlists to a URL so remote employees, students, and staff can stay in the loop. The viewer creates a custom URL for your playlist so you can embed it into websites and intranets, or simply provide the direct link to your audience. You can combine more than one playlist and, because it’s HTML5, it’s responsive to any screen size—desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Combine multiple playlists into a single HTML5 feed; select playback options and transitions; share direct links via email and messengers; and embed on websites and intranets.

Digital Signage Ready Software-as-a-Service


(Image credit: 22Miles)

22Miles’ Digital Signage Ready (DSR) software-as-a-service is compatible with market-leading hardware providers, offering a portfolio of ready-built software and service bundles that allow for quick setup and deployment of digital signage experiences. DSR encompasses entry-level digital and interactive signage software and content management features that are ready-to-customize, ready-to-bundle, and ready-to-deploy. The intuitive template software is accompanied by professional and technical support services from content management experts at 22Miles to assist customers with project setup, training and deployment, content development, and data assistance. The DSR software bundles are compatible with popular signage operating systems and include cloud hosting for seamless operation.

Narrow Pixel Pitch Video Walls


(Image credit: Daktronics)

Daktronics’ narrow pixel pitch video walls leverage new LED technology that increases both contrast and durability while also featuring the tightest pixel options available on the market, at 0.7 and 0.9 millimeters. These pitches are specifically ideal for very close viewing where 4K can be achieved in as little as a 138-inch diagonal measurement. These can be installed in atriums, auditoriums, control rooms, board rooms, and anywhere the display would be within an arms’ reach of viewers. Durability allows for quicker, easier installation while the contrast of the displays delivers greater contrast and improved image quality.



(Image credit: AMX)

AMX’s PR-WP-412 is an incredibly versatile and powerful AV solution that is both a fully featured 4x1+1 windowing processor with mirrored outputs and a 4x2 seamless matrix switcher. When configured as a windowing processor, the four video inputs can be arranged in any configuration and composited into a single output. In matrix switcher mode, the PR-WP-412 acts as a 4x2 seamless video switcher. It is loaded with best-in-class features, including truly seamless switching, class-leading 4K60 4:4:4 video quality, integrated audio breakaway, and extreme control flexibility with an open control API, a simple-to-manage HTML5 web interface, and front panel controls.

Conditional Triggering

Navori Labs

(Image credit: Navori Labs)

Navori Labs’ Conditional Triggering is a QL digital signage software feature based on data-driven rules that the user configures within the QL Content Manager interface. QL Player executes the triggers in real time for display once configured and published. Conditional Triggering offers more flexibility in dynamic content delivery for context-aware digital signage and removes the guesswork about about what content makes sense days or even weeks in advance.

For example, a retailer can base what plays on specific screens in stores on inventory levels or deliveries, with preset rules that trigger one-time promotions from linked management systems when new stock arrives.

QUADzilla FHDQ163


(Image credit: Optoma)

Optoma’s QUADzilla FHDQ163 is an award-winning all-in-one LED display, delivering larger-than-life 163-inch imagery, 600 nits, a 1.9mm pixel pitch, and 4K UHD source compatibility, producing stunning images with richer colors and incredible high contrast. The QUADzilla comes pre-calibrated out of the box and features an ultra slim detachable bezel to easily combine multiple displays for large scale installations. The display also boasts a 4-in-1 Surface Mount Diode layout for a smoother screen surface and a 170-degree wide-viewing angle, along with industry-leading Calibre HQUltra 4K image processing technology, providing best-in-class picture quality with low latency video processing. 



(Image credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic’s TH-75CQ2U 75-inch 4K UHD Professional TV offers 400cd/m2 brightness, 4K resolution and supports 4K/60p signals for exceptional high-quality visuals. They are designed for 16 continuous hours of operation and support LAN, serial, and three HDMI CEC for multiple device connectivity. Also included is a built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner, making the CQ2U TV a great fit for various environments and many digital signage needs. Whether in an office, classroom, retail, or hospitality venue, the ability to deliver clear and crisp images is critical and directly impacts the ability for someone to understand a presentation or be enticed to make a purchase. 

Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail 


(Image credit: PPDS)

PPDS’ Intelligent Signage Solution for Retail is a new AI-powered digital signage offering that combines Philips displays with intelligent context-aware software and camera technologies for targeted, data-driven customer marketing and experiences. The solution lets retailers make more informed business decisions using advanced analytics based on the store’s activities throughout the day, week, month, or year. 

Compatible with PPDS’s Philips P-Line 24/7 signage range, the software analyses video feeds from embedded or IP-based cameras around the store. These produce anonymous marketing data and comparable metrics based on foot traffic and people’s physical features—which can be used to deliver bespoke, targeted content to help drive sales.

Neo QLED 8K Signage 


(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K Signage is the next generation of QLED for businesses, offering the best in performance and management. Exceeding traditional LED standards, this signage technology utilizes advanced Quantum Matrix Technology Pro and Quantum Mini LEDs to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience. Bringing 8K to life, viewers can expect refined and brilliantly colored content filled with immaculate detail. Exceptional brand messaging and the display’s superb picture quality work together to create an engaging customer journey. Combined with flexible installation, true immersion, and pixel-perfect contrast, the Neo QLED 8K Signage display is a powerful tool that enhances any business environment.

NEC E Series 

Sharp NEC Display Solutions

(Image credit: Sharp NEC Display Solutions)

Sharp NEC Display Solutions’ NEC E Series is an entry-level dvLED that provides cost-conscious customers impressive imaging with bright panels ranging from 600 cd/m2 to 1,000 cd/m2 with a tight pixel pitch from as low as 1.2mm to 1.8mm for indoor use. The E Series lineup boasts convenience and flexibility as the modules can be built in virtually any configuration and even curve around walls. With a wide color gamut, high refresh rate, and seamless dvLED wall capability, this solution provides the ultimate wow factor.

Pro 2 Series 


(Image credit: SunBriteTV)

SunBriteTV’s Pro 2 Series is designed for permanent installations in areas with full sun exposure and features a sleek, thin-bezel with impact-resistant glass that shines brilliantly. The extra-bright, heat-resistant, 1,000-nit screen with 4K Ultra HD resolution paired with TruVision anti-glare technology delivers vivid pictures viewable from multiple angles, even in direct sunlight, making it ideal for viewing even in high traffic areas. 

Like all SunBriteTV televisions, the Pro 2 has a durable, powder-coated aluminum body to resist rust and corrosion while protecting its internal components from weather and insects. The internal heating and cooling system regulates running temperature and eliminates condensation.

Out-of-Home Solution


(Image credit: Broadsign)

Broadsign’s OOH Solution, comprises a robust content management system, sales and messaging tools, the Broadsign Reach Supply-Side-Platform (SSP), and the Campsite demand-side-platform (DSP). Together these technologies are making it simpler, more cost-efficient, and more profitable to buy, sell, manage, and deliver out-of-home (OOH) media across a range of displays and regions. More than 425,000 signs along roadways and in airports, shopping malls, health clinics, transit systems, and other venues spanning 82 different countries are powered by Broadsign technology.



(Image credit: VuWall)

VuWall’s TRx is a centralized management software and is the only platform that combines AV-over-IP distribution with full-featured advanced video wall management. Ideal for centralized control of small to large video walls located throughout multiple rooms, floors, and campuses, TRx simplifies complex AV-over-IP projects with a single easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface that can route hundreds of sources without any programming. 

TRx features an HTML-based control panel designer, an extensive API, KVM control, and advanced security and user rights management. Thanks to its interoperable and hybrid design, TRx facilitates a multi-brand environment and provides the most effective distribution of any source to any display.

The Art Server


(Image credit: Blackdove)

Blackdove’s Art Server is the essential media player for matrix switch-based video distribution of digital artwork. The Art Server is preconfigured with Blackdove software, connecting it directly to the Blackdove digital art gallery and subscription service. It also includes an SSD drive for locally caching client art collections on the LAN, allowing the client to upload art purchased separately from the Blackdove gallery directly to the Art Server. It has a single 4K 60Hz HDMI output. Wi-Fi and Ethernet (preferred) models are available.

Carousel Digital Signage

(Image credit: Carousel Digital Signage)

Carousel Digital Signage’s Carousel Cloud is a subscription-based SaaS platform that leverages a lightweight, software-defined architecture centralized within an offsite IT infrastructure. The highly scalable, enterprise-wide digital signage platform keeps the focus on content development and audience engagement and eliminates the expense and maintenance of traditional hardware servers. Carousel Cloud is natively supported in AppleTV devices, and deployable through BrightSign’s BSNcloud network management platform. Carousel Cloud software also now integrates with Power BI, Microsoft’s AI-powered data visualization toolset for enterprise businesses. This allows Carousel Cloud users to create and share important business information across corporate digital signage networks.

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