New Summit to Explore Connected Learning (Campus Technology)

New Summit to Explore Connected Learning (Campus Technology)
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"A new Connected Learning Summit, taking place Aug. 1-3 at the MIT Media Lab, is focused on "harnessing emerging technology to expand access to participatory, playful, and creative learning." The event will bring together researchers, educators, developers and others interested in digital citizenship, equity and access, virtual reality, digital media and more."—Source: Campus Technology

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I know where I will be August 1-3. This electrifying line-up at the MIT Media Lab includes hits like "A Collaborative Classroom Videogame for Learning Quantum Mechanics," "Hurl the Harasser: Making Games at the Pace of News," and "Getting Started with Teaching E-Textiles." This is like a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit of fun for educational technologists. —Eduwire Editors