Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual and Augmented Reality (Campus Technology)

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"Oklahoma State University's first inaugural "Virtual + Augmented Reality Hackathon" hosted January 26-27 by the Mixed Reality Lab in the university's College of Human Sciences gave students and the community a chance to tackle real-world problems using augmented and virtual reality tools, while offering researchers a glimpse into the ways teams work with digital media tools. Campus Technology asked Dr. Tilanka Chandrasekera, an assistant professor in the department of Design, Housing and Merchandising at Oklahoma State University about the hackathon and how it fits into the school's broader goals."—Source: Campus Technology

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Read how OSU’s first Virtual and Augmented Reality Hackathon is part of a three-step initiative to help students work together to solve problems in the real-word through AR and VR. —Eduwire Editors