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7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2018 (Campus Technology)

7 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2018 (Campus Technology)

"Whenever we analyze the landscape of higher education technology, we find a range of trends in various stages of development. There are topics with real staying power, such as learning space design (which has factored into our trends list for several years). Others have evolved over time: Virtual reality made our list in 2016, then expanded to include augmented and mixed reality in 2017, and this year makes up part of a broader concept of immersive learning. And while some topics, like video, have been around for ages, new developments are putting them into a different light."—Source: Campus Technology

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Campus Technology collected responses from a number of higher ed though leaders. How do your predictions for edtech in the year ahead square with those made by the experts in this article? —Eduwire Editors