Microsoft Dropping DVD Playback Support in Windows 8 - Chloe Albanesius, PCMag.com - AvNetwork.com

Microsoft Dropping DVD Playback Support in Windows 8 - Chloe Albanesius, PCMag.com

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Microsoft announced last week that it will jettison DVD and Blu-Ray playback support for Windows Media Player in Windows 8. This is more fuel on the bonfire of physical media. The DVD format, first introduced in 1996, and its 2003 successor Blu-Ray, will be passed this year in viewing volume by online paid video downloads. The legal, paid consumption of movies online in the United States will reach 3.4B views or transactions in 2012, approximately 1.0B units higher than the 2.4B for physical video for this year (according to analytics provider HIS). Will moving content to the Cloud be good for the consumer? Good for the end users in technology industries including pro AV? If content comes from the Cloud, who owns it?
–David Keene

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