AdMobilize Launches Scalable Vehicle Recognition Engine

AdMobilize Launches Scalable Vehicle Recognition Engine
  • AdMobilize introduced its new Vehicle Recognition Engine.

According to the company’s co-founder and CEO Rodolfo Saccoman, AdMobilize’s Vehicle Recognition Engine is the culmination of three years and tens of thousands of collective engineering hours invested in developing proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms sufficiently sophisticated to both detect and recognize vehicles in motion, in real-time. In December, AdMobilize begins initial vehicle recognition deployments with current customers, as new partners are signing up for implementation in early 2018.

“Today marks an important day as we officially launch our Vehicle Recognition Engine out of our AI Lab,” said Saccoman. “In 2016, AdMobilize pioneered and introduced vehicle detection technology for large-scale installations and now, we add vehicle recognition to the mix; solidifying our clients’ trust in our ability to solve their global market needs. The sheer computing power and the deep algorithms required to track, identify, recognize and display hundreds of cars per minute, with exceptional accuracy, is enormous. Our Vehicle Recognition Engine, like all of our solutions, is designed for scalability – running on low processing power devices, ensuring minimal capital expenditures and maximum measurement accuracy.”

Less than two years ago, AdMobilize launched its Vehicle Detection platform, which has since been adopted worldwide through various strategic partnerships with OOH advertising companies. AdMobilize’s Vehicle Detection solution can count cars, assess peak traffic periods, gauge vehicle speed, and then feed this real-time data to an intuitive dashboard within 10 milliseconds. AdMobilize’s new Vehicle Recognition Engine encompasses the Vehicle Detection functionality, while now also offering a suite of more sophisticated analytics such as vehicle type – e.g. sedan, SUV, bus, van, minivan, or motorcycle – and vehicle brands.

“AdMobilize’s Vehicle Recognition Engine is the industry’s first ‘plug-and-play’ solution that provides OOH advertisers with a way to capture actionable insight, based on granular vehicle data,” said Saccoman. “With this insight, advertisers have a keen understanding of who’s been exposed to their billboard ads, the number of times per day, and at what hours each day. It’s an enormously beneficial solution that provides advertisers with a level of audience insight previously unavailable to the OOH market.”

Using the information gleaned from the Vehicle Recognition Engine, OOH advertisers and media companies can more effectively target their billboard ads based on captured vehicle analytics. For example, luxury brands looking to target a wealthy clientele can now do so with greater accuracy than ever before by placing their ads on billboards regularly exposed to those driving luxury cars. Alternatively, family brands looking to target parents with young children can do so by placing ads on billboards regularly exposed to those who drive, say, minivans. If the same billboard reaches both demographics yet at different times of the day, the content management systems with which AdMobilize integrates can automatically and dynamically deliver targeted ads based on the time of day.

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