HDMI Audio Extractor With 50 watt Amplifier and IP Control

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The EMX-I-AMP by Hall Research is a 4K HDMI audio extractor with built-in 50 watt audio amplifier for direct connection to 8 ohm speakers. The device provides a separate stereo input for connecting a wireless microphone or audio player. HDMI audio is mixed with the analog audio input and amplified. Output volume can be controlled via LAN, front panel buttons, RS-232 commands, or using a remote wall-plate with a rotary knob. An independent RS-232 output port is provided in order to control other devices such as TVs or projectors.

The EMX-I-AMP incorporates a user-friendly internal webpage accessible by any smart device or browser. Users can control volume, mute and un-mute the audio and turn the connected display on and off using the web interface. No app or software installation is necessary. Telnet and RS232 control are also provided. Automatic control of the display is available and when selected the EMX-I-AMP turns on the connected display automatically when it senses video on its HDMI input.

Advanced features include audio ducking to automatically lower the HDMI audio when sound is detected on the line input, full EDID management with the ability to learn, download, upload, and emulate EDID, page sense or occupancy detection inputs and more. A USB port is provided on the front panel that can be used to configure advanced settings using a free Windows™ GUI 

The EMX-I-AMP can be used whenever a controllable audio amplifier is required. Its HDMI pass-through with audio extraction makes it ideal for home-theater, classroom, conference room, and numerous other applications.


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