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XFLY Introduces the xNAV IFCN Intelligent Flight Control Navigator

The What: XFLY has introduced its all-new xNav IFCN, an intelligent flight control navigator designed to ensure total ease of flight, efficiency, reliability, and stability of UAVs in any situation.

The What Else: The xNav IFCN comes in three intellectual levels: xNav Smart, xNav Dev, and xNav AI. xNav features include auto system pre-flight checklist; auto takeoff, landing, and dock charging; and autonomous battery swapping at unmanned stations. It enables live location and status data updates to be sent to the cloud, ground stations, and airport towers, and features triple redundancy for 100 percent safety and reliability. It features flight plans with unlimited waypoints, controlled speed, and smart altitude settings enabled by sensors, object avoidance capabilities via sensors, GPS and 3D scanning, and image navigation.

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