Toshiba breaks into U.S. giant screen market

With the launch of its Technorainbow displays, a high-brightness LED screen system, Toshiba becomes the first manufacturer to offer the U.S. a high performance 10mm giant screen system with dual indoor/outdoor capability.

Technorainbow allows the events industry and rental companies in particular to capitalize on the versatility of a high-brightness, high-resolution system that displays screen images with equal brilliance whether indoors or in daylight conditions outdoors.

The Technorainbow system enables us to maximize our investment to the fullest, said Al Kilpatrick, general manager of McKnight Visual, which gave Toshiba its first U.S. order in a $1-million sale. This is an important new addition to the marketplace and fulfills a requirement for versatility, combined with superior performance quality and value for the money. McKnight Visuals initial delivery of sixty TRE-2010E screen modules represents a giant, single screen configuration that measures 205 square feet. The screen contains 552,960 light emitting diodes, 184,320 for each of red, green and blue LEDs. Individual modules measure 25 inches by 19 inches with a diagonal measurement of 31.5 inches. They require an average of only 90 watts to produce a light output that is 20 times the brightness of a standard TV.

With speed and ease of installation considered in its design, the Technorainbow requires an average build time of less than 60 minutes. Modules lock together with the simplicity of childrens building blocks. As a system that boasts streamlined operation and high safety levels, the display keeps visible cabling and connectors to a minimum.

In addition to the 10mm TR2010E indoor/outdoor system, Technorainbow screens are available with a range of pixel pitches to suit a wide variety of applications, including advertising, public information, sport and entertainment.

"The system is well proven and offers tremendous cost benefits to the demanding U.S. market," said Jon Perkins, head of operations for Technorainbow in the U.S. and Europe. "We are delighted to have won our first order so quickly."

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