MMD Introduces Interactive Philips Touch Displays -

MMD Introduces Interactive Philips Touch Displays

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MMD, the exclusive licensee for Philips Commercial Signage and Philips Monitors worldwide, has launched a full line of touch displays for the North American market.

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The new Philips Touch Series consists of 10 different products developed for the Retail, Quick Service Restaurant, Hospitality, Healthcare and Transportation industries. Available in 32-inch, 42-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, each model is built to deliver 24/7 commercial-grade reliability.

The new Philips Touch Series include the following touch technologies: 

• Optical Sensing Dual-Touch: the Optical Sensing Dual Camera system allows for 2 simultaneous touch points at the same time. This technology is ideal for digital signage implementations in point-of-sale, restaurant, and kiosks.
• Infrared Sensing Multi-Touch: the Infrared Sensing Multi-Touch technology allows for multiple simultaneous touch points at the same time. This technology is ideal for large screen digital signage implementations in boardroom, retail environments, and public information kiosks. 

Both technologies are embedded in the display, requiring no upgrades or component changes, lowering the total cost of ownership. For larger digital signage implementations, users have the ability to scale their touch needs through multiple video wall touch systems. The new Philips Touch Series is capable of 92-inch and larger video wall/ table touch configurations.

"Large format touch has truly entered the main stream with respect to digital signage configurations, almost everything we work on today has a component of interactivity, we felt the time was right to offer our customer base a full line of touch enabled surfaces to author on. With the new Philips Touch Series we are ready for the future," said Craig Rathbun, sales and marketing director for MMD, exclusive licensee for Philips Commercial Signage in North America.

The Philips Touch Series offers a full line of models with Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), an industry standard interface that allows users to insert an internal PC into a Philips digital signage display. By adding an OPS PC, users can deploy systems faster and in higher volumes, while lowering costs for implementation. The OPS PC modules themselves require no optional connections, simply insert the module and begin using the touch functions.

The Philips Touch Series includes standard features found on every Philips Commercial Signage model including Full HD 1920x1080 resolution, RS232 for remote management through a network, and SmartPower to reduce power consumption up to 50 percent.


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MMD Launches Philips E Series Displays

MMD, the exclusive marketer and reseller for Philips-branded monitors and commercial signage displays worldwide, has launched four new Philips multi-functional displays aimed at the upper entry-level signage market.

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MMD Introduces Philips Edge-lit LED Line with Flypaper Express

MMD, the exclusive licensee for Philips Commercial Signage and Philips Monitors Worldwide, has announced the debut of the Philips Q Series with the 32-inch BDL3210Q, 42-inch BDL4210Q and 46-inch BDL4610Q. The Philips Q Series is a new family of Edge-lit LED commercial displays built for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) looking for an affordable and energy efficient digital signage solution.

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Matrox and 3M Collaborate for Interactive Multi-Touch Solutions

Matrox Graphics and 3M Touch Systems (subsidiary of the 3M Electronic Solutions Division) announced that both companies have validated a new 3M touch driver that will support multi-touch functionality across two, three or more 3M Multi-touch Displays powered by a variety of Matrox multi-monitor products.

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NEC Introduces Touch-Integrated V Series

NEC Display Solutions of America has launched the Touch-Integrated V Series with the 46-inch V462-TM and 65-inch V651-TM. The commercial-grade panel and components are designed to promote extended use and deliver touchscreen capabilities for education, corporate, retail and restaurant environments.