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Sprint and MediaTile Announcement

  • David Keene– Last week, I reported that MediaTile told me that after about a year of showing demos of the product at industry events, they were “signing on partners” for their Human Kiosk solution. True to their word they were, because today there was an announcement from Sprint that they are rolling out a 4G-powered version of the solution.
  • At InfoComm last June, I recall that one of the Keynote speakers was Shelley Palmer. In that keynote, Palmer talked exclusively about how 4G was going to change the world, as dramatically as when we all shifted from dial-up to broadband. I remember thinking as I listened to that keynote, that it was interesting, but I wasn’t sure how that directly impacted the pro AV, and/or digital signage world. (Last week, while pondering the life of Steve Jobs, I was simultaneously puzzled why the “new” iPhone announced the day before Jobs died, was still 3G, not 4G. Strange–and something I think Jobs would have not launched, in this window of history. The Jobs I knew would have made it 4G, somehow, some way). But I digress. The fact is, while we all are aware of how smartphones are both an opportunity and a threat to “digital signage”, 4G-enabled delivery of content to big screens (as opposed to smartphones) is a new twist in the story. If 4G is going to ramp up the smartphone revolution even more (it will), then it will do the same for “cellular” delivery of content to traditional digital signage screens in a store, airport, etc. And this kind of more nimble, interactive content manipulation is sorely needed in digital signage. 4G is not crucial to success of this new HumanKiosk solution– but it sure makes it interesting….
  • Here is the press release from Sprint and MediaTile:
  • MediaTile and Sprint to Provide Interactive, Personal Customer Experience Through HumanKiosk Solution and 4G Technology
  • Transforming the marketing industry, HumanKiosk Solution leverages cloud-based MediaCast video call routing and M2M on a fast, secure network
  • OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., Oct 11, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) --
  • Sprint and MediaTile, a recognized leader in 3G and 4G cloud-based digital signage solutions, today announced the commercial availability of MediaTile's HumanKiosk Solution, powered by the company's MediaCast Video Presence system, that accesses Sprint's speedy 4G high-bandwidth network.
  • The HumanKiosk Solution revolutionizes customer service for point-of-sale or point-of-service environments by combining the capabilities of interactive digital signage with on-demand, virtual experts and face-to-face interaction. Marketers can humanize their brand interaction, improve the customer experience, and deliver their messages with control and precision without on-site staffing. With machine-to-machine (M2M) technology, the Sprint 4G network is built in so the HumanKiosk is easy to install and set up and can support secure, high-definition, two-way video conversations using just a single power source.
  • "The HumanKiosk, combined with America's Favorite 4G Network, takes interactive digital signage and kiosks to a whole new dimension," said Kevin Kunkel, regional vice president for Sprint Business. "MediaTile solutions, combined with our technology leadership and open systems, enable businesses to take innovative, anytime service to customers via personal two-way interaction. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to enhancing customer service with this type of technology."
  • In a familiar, but oversized smartphone and tablet-like format, the HumanKiosk attracts consumers to scheduled and dynamically generated media and engages with interactive touch-based digital promotions. The breakthrough in personalized service is achieved through MediaCast Video Presence. At the touch of an on-screen button, consumers can instantly connect with a remote expert agent based on the consumer's on-screen selections, which might include product, specific features, services or language.
  • As the first national wireless carrier to test, launch and market 4G technology, Sprint made history by launching 4G in September 2008. Sprint 4G offers a strong, fast, dependable network experience on America's Favorite 4G Network.(1)
  • "With the integrated support for the Sprint 4G network in the HumanKiosk Solution, we are able to significantly eliminate the on-site networking costs and complexities associated with traditional telepresence systems and digital signage," said Simon Wilson, CEO, The MediaTile Company. "Using Sprint 4G, we are able to get the same level of performance as three T1 lines without the need for on-site IT -- we simply grab bandwidth from the air."
  • "MediaTile's HumanKiosk Solution is an amazing example of how companies are leveraging the Sprint 4G network to deliver innovative solutions that solve today's business problems with new levels of efficiency and unbeatable economics," said Wayne Ward, vice president of Sprint's Emerging Solution Group. "By leveraging Sprint 4G services with HumanKiosk, businesses can deliver instant personal service and support, to far more locations, without the costs and complexities associated with on-site staffing or fixed site telepresence."
  • About the Sprint Emerging Solutions Group
  • With more than a dozen years of experience with M2M, Sprint has been at the forefront of this wireless industry revolution, teaming with and supporting a large and diverse portfolio of innovative partners to create smarter wireless solutions that change the way people work and live. Last year, Sprint opened the Sprint M2M Collaboration Center in Burlingame, Calif., a hands-on, interactive lab where ideas knowledge and technology unite to produce wirelessly enabled M2M concepts and products. Earlier this year, Sprint also introduced the Sprint Command Center, a Web-based portal that allows businesses with Sprint wireless-connected products the ability to manage, activate and de-activate each device. To learn more, view this special "What if ..." M2M video and visit
  • About MediaTile
  • MediaTile is the worldwide leader in cloud-based digital signage solutions. MediaTile is transforming traditional B2C communications into B2Me communications -- delivering information and personal interaction tailored to a viewer's specific wants and needs. A digital signage innovator, MediaTile was the first company to deliver the advantages of cloud-computing using the unique combination of Cellular connectivity and a SaaS-based application. Its MediaCast Content Management and revolutionary MediaCast Video Presence systems enable you to attract, engage and directly influence your audience with a unique "personal advantage." Digital signage networks powered by MediaCast are simple to deploy, easy to use, and enable you to achieve your communications goals and ROI faster. Our solutions have garnered customer praise and industry awards for increasing market reach and viewer interaction, while reducing costs and complexities. To learn more about the HumanKiosk watch our "Get Personal" video; contact The MediaTile Company at 831-439-8786; or visit ,, or
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