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Medialon Facility Wide Control and LonCloud

Medialon is introducing two new products at InfoComm 2013. First, based on Medialon Manager control software, with additional dedicated plug-ins, this year the manufacturer will introduce Facility Wide Control.

A Facility Wide Control system offers the control of multiple rooms from one central fully redundant controller. Devices in each room are controlled over TCP/IP, UDP, or with local converter devices for IP to serial/IO/InfraRed if necessary. The control panel is a web page served by the central controller, displayed on a PC, Mac, tablet, or iPad/Android device.

  • Links to room booking, access control, and building management systems are far easier as they are also centralized systems. Programming is much faster since there is only one system to configure and program. Local control panels can be called up in the central control room and work in parallel, allowing technicians to assist users remotely.
  • The Central Controller is fully redundant, running on a cluster of PCs using virtual machines for seamless backup. Last but not least, a centralized control system costs just a fraction of the price of distributed controllers and it can evolve easily in the future as equipment is changed out.
  • Medialon is also introducing LonCloud, a web service that remotely monitors any installation running Medialon controllers. Every device, like video projectors, conference systems, and audio processors, are permanently monitored by the Medialon controllers, and the monitored data can be sent regularly to our LonCloud servers where it is stored for reference.
  • Via a subscription, integrators can access the data, visualize it graphically and set up alerts based on thresholds such as lamp hour usage or status of devices. There is nothing to program in the Medialon Controllers and no server to configure; setting up remote monitoring of a site can be done in minutes.
  • Several levels of subscription are accessible to integrators, who can even provide access credentials to their customers to show them the tool they are using to make their installation safer. It is a unique opportunity for integrators to increase their revenue by selling additional services.
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