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New Products: November 2011

New Products: November 2011

Radial JDX Reactor

Radial Engineering’s JDX Reactor module is a combination speaker simulator and direct recording interface designed for the 500 series format. The JDX Reactor module is designed to capture both the sound of the guitar head and the speaker cabinet. This is achieved by introducing a reactive load that not only captures the sound of the head, but the back-electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker.

BitWise BC1

BitWise’s BC1 automation controller is a new addition to the BitWise Controls platform. Featuring expanded hardware interfaces and new automation features, the BC1 can be the primary controller for any installation, and can co-exist with additional BC1 and BC4 controllers.

Crestron DigitalMedia 8G+

Crestron’s DM-RMC-SCAL ERC receiver and room controller serves as a DM 8G+ receiver and room controller and provides a single HDMI. DM-RMCSCAL ER-C accepts any video source, from standard 480i to HD 1080p60 with deep color, plus all computer sources, and scales them for a high-definition viewing experience in every room. Featuring 3D to 2D conversion, 3D content can be fed simultaneously to separate 3D and 2D displays.

Sanyo PLC-XR251

IAVI has announced that it is selling Sanyo’s PLC-XR251 XGA projector for $299 per unit. IAVI is stocked with over 500 of these projectors and, in an effort to clean up inventory, has priced them $400 below MSRP. The PLC-XR251 is a compact, fully portable XGA Projector with 2,600 ANSI lumens. Not much larger than a laptop PC, the PLC-XR251 weighs less than 5.7 pounds and delivers true XGA picture quality.

Audio Authority SF-16

Audio Authority’s SF-16 SonaFlex 16-channel digital amplifier blends amplification, flexible audio configurations, and open control capability. Designed and built in the U.S. with the custom installer in mind, the SF-16 sports 60 watts per channel at eight ohms and 80 watts at four ohms. The SF-16 includes two FlexPort Cat-5 audio ports, which accept various Audio Authority wallplates.

Hosa Pro Speaker Cables

Hosa Technology’s Pro Speaker Cables feature 14 AWG oxygen-free copper conductors for enhanced signal clarity and a black PVC jacket for durability, flexibility, and low visibility on stage. Hosa Pro Speaker Cables are available with REAN Loudspeaker connectors by Neutrik. Both loudspeaker and .25- inch TS connectors are available in this product line.

JBL Commercial Solutions Amplifier

JBL’s commercial series CSA- 2120 power amplifier provides front-end amplification and a switch mode universal power supply. An auto-standby mode allows the amplifier to save energy by disabling the amplifier pulse width modulation generator when there is no input signal. The CSA-2120 also features thermal and low-voltage auto protection. The amplifier includes two optional accessories, a mounting kit and transformer module. The mount kit allows for installation into a cabinet or wall, and if a loudspeaker system requires higher impedance, the transformer module can be connected to obtain impedance matching.

Community dSPEC226

Community Professional Loudspeakers’ dSPEC226 loudspeaker processor employs both a high-speed SHAR C DSP and a Xilinx Spartan FPGA . The dSPEC offers a four input by six output fixed-chain DSP architecture that includes two by six native analog I/Os. Various expansion cards are available to provide two additional analog inputs, two AES3 dualchannel digital inputs, or eight CobraNet inputs and outputs. Additional expansion cards will become available as new digital audio networking protocols gain market acceptance.

Runcos LightStyle Series

Runco’s LS-1 LightStyle DLP projector is a single-chip 1080p DLP projector that is an alternative for homeowners that want a high performance video option for watching TV or movies, but also want the color depth and picture quality for console gaming, internet browsing, or streaming video and movies via a set-top box. The LS-1 uses Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to deliver color and detail and achieves deep black levels and significant contrast, well above 10:000:1.

Christie J Series

Driven by a Xenon illumination system, the Christie J Series offers three resolutions, SXGA +, HD, and WUXGA , and lenses with intelligent lens system functionality. The Mirage models of the Christie J Series platform are high-performance, active stereo projectors with 3D performance. Easy to set up and configure, these models are compact, yet powerful and flexible.

Telecast Fiber Systems TR6442i

Telecast Fiber Systems’ TR 6442i (CommLink) is a fiber optic transceiver system designed to carry two intercom channels over a single strand of fiber spanning distances of more than 40 kilometers. The CommLink features auto-nulling hybrid technology, making it easy to interface to industry-standard party line and matrix-style intercom systems.

Kordz PRS Series

Kordz’s PRS Series HDMI cables include the ProGrip HDMI connector for securely seated installation, as well as an industrial-inspired all-metal connector shell, which has been miniaturized to fit through a .75-inch conduit. Redmere active technology enables high speed HDMI performance in lengths to 18 meters or 59 feet. The new PRS Series features a balance of around three kilograms (6.6 pounds) of extraction force.

Extron MPA 152 ENERGY STAR Qualified Amplifier

Extron Electronics’ MPA 152 ENERG Y STAR qualified, integrated mini power amplifier features an Extron Class D amplifier design with patented Class D ripple suppression technology, which provides a smooth audio waveform and an improvement in signal fidelity over conventional Class D designs. This Extron exclusive, high efficiency design allows the amplifier to be fan-less and operate in environments with little or no ventilation.

BTX Pro Plate and Panel Designer Software

BTX Technologies has introduced new custom options for its BTX Pro Plate and Panel Designer software and wall plates. The latest version of the company’s free software allows customers to select from custom options such as laminated aluminum color wall plates, formed anodized aluminum plates, and anti-bowing flanged heavy-duty panels.

Vutec SilverStar 3D-P

Vutec’s SilverStar 3D-P is engineered and balanced for HD, 2D, and 3D. Delivering the ultimate in picture quality, providing bright vivid colors, ultra high gain, high contrast, and a seamless curved wide viewing area up to 181-inches diagonal (in 2:35:1). SilverStar 3D-P performance begins with its silver-based material to provide passive 3D and 2D performance. This technology increases color saturation while expanding contrast in controlled or uncontrolled lighting environments.

Savant Telephony Solution

Savant Systems’ Telephony Solution offers several handset options including wired or digital enhanced cordless telecommunications wireless models and an integrated family of communication endpoints, including Apple’s telephony-enabled iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Savant’s flexible and scalable telephony solution is based upon the Savant PBX Server (private branch exchange) and delivers full-duplex communication capabilities.

Structured Cable Products Crest-8G Cable

Structured Cable Products’ Crest-8G is a high performance cable that delivers in data networking and high definitional AV signal distribution applications. The Crest-8G cable supports 1080p HD video with deep color and 1,920 x 1,200 WUXGA computer signals, plus HD 7.1 multichannel audio and ethernet control signals up to 330 feet, all in a single wire and without the use of repeaters.

Electro-Voice Live X loudspeaker

Electro-Voice’s Live X series of portable powered and passive loudspeakers comprise three powered and four passive models. Features include lightweight, durable plywood cabinets; best-inclass SPL output, power-handling, and frequency response; and clean, stackable designs. Three Live X cabinets are available: two full-range loudspeakers and a matching subwoofer.

Epson PowerLite 1221 and 1261W

Epson’s PowerLite 1221 features XGA resolution and the Power- Lite 1261W delivers high-definition, widescreen WXGA resolution to fully utilize the capabilities of widescreen notebooks. In addition, both projectors offer 2,800 lumens of color and white light output. The PowerLite 1221 and 1261W features include flexible setup capabilities such as automatic vertical keystone, easy-slide technology, and a horizontal keystone adjustment slider for image alignment.

Symetrix Room Combine 788

Symetrix’s Room Combine 788 combines up to eight microphones and four background music sources in as many as eight different rooms. What sets the Room Combine 788 apart from other room combine solutions is its ability to easily create custom room configurations and combinations using free Windows-based software. Moreover, the configurations and combinations are visual and intuitive: creating the rooms amounts to drawing rectangles on a grid that can then be customized with names and combined with the click of a mouse.

Laird Technologies Phantom TRA3513

Laird Technologies’ Phantom antenna product line includes the TRA3513 antenna series, which covers the frequency range of 351-366 megahertz. Measuring only 3.5 inches tall, the antenna’s design features both vertical and horizontal polarization components.

MC2 Audio Launches E100 Amplifier

MC2 Audio’s E100 amplifier is the first fourchannel proprietary class-D switchmode amplifier to be developed by MC2. Designed to run cool even in the most difficult working environments, the E100 can deliver 2,800 watts into four ohms with all channels driven from a 2U, 11.8kg chassis. Technology includes a hybrid dual loop feedback system for load independent, accurate audio reproduction, an active energy steering circuit, custom drive circuitry, and magnetic components to ensure highly efficient, high power, low impedance operation.

RTW SurroundControl Series

RTW’s SurroundControl series has been fully updated to conform to the latest EBU/ITU loudness regulations. The new LRA instrument that has been added to its software combines the measurement and visualization of two critical loudness parameters. Combining control, analysis, and monitoring of eight-channel 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound into one single system, the Surround- Control 31900 is a compact, 3-RU rack-mountable module that fits into half the space of a standard 19-inch installation rack for waveform monitors.

Middle Atlantic Products BGR Series

Middle Atlantic Products’ BGR Series racks feature space efficiency and strength. Primary benefits of the BGR Series design include time and labor savings, installation and field flexibility, superior cable management, and high flow/ low energy DC cooling options. Core to the BGR Series racks enhanced functionality is the LeverLock interior management system, which facilitates mounting of small devices along the rack interior sides, and advanced cabling management.

NEC E Series

NEC Display Solutions has enhanced its entry-grade E Series large-screen displays to provide a cost-effective digital signage solution. The E Series models now include RS-232C to allow control from external equipment, synchronization of multiple displays, and easy remote management.

Yamaha StageMix 2.0 iPad App

Yamaha’s StageMix 2.0 is available free download from the Apple iTunes store. StageMix 2.0 upgrades include control of head amp gain for each input channel and scene memory management. A number of additional functions complement the existing array of controls, including on/ off, parametric EQ’s and channel cue, sends on faders, mix master faders, mix bus on/off, last cue/mix cue mode, clear all cues, and graphic EQ’s.

Powersoft Ottocanali 1204

Powersoft’s Ottocanali 1204 eight-channel power amplifier is designed to meet the demands of audio professionals working in fixed installation applications. At only a single rack space and standard depth, the Ottocanali 1204 provides eight channels with 160 watts each at four ohms, and 80 watts each at eight ohms, respectively. Within the one rack space, Powersoft includes optional plug-in output transformers.


AMX’s NXV-CPI control phone interface enables AMX control capabilities through two popular Cisco IP phones transforming them into user interfaces for controlling an AMX environment. The NXV-CPI, when paired with a NetLinx controller, allows Cisco phone users to gain a basic level of control with minimal investment in new infrastructure.

AKG DMS 70 Digital Wireless Microphone System

AKG’s DMS 70 digital wireless microphone system operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band. The entire DMS 70 package includes: AKG’s DSR 70 receiver, DPT 70 digitalpocket transmitter and DHT 70 digital handheld transmitter wireless mic, as well as a DSR 70 rack mount kit and power supply and other accessories. All DMS 70 devices are available separately and in packages that include the vocal set dual, instrumental set dual, and vocal/instrumental Set Dual. The DMS 70 features bidirectional communication between the transmitter and receiver and dynamic frequency selection that provides intelligent operation.

Bosch Plena Easy Line Economy

Bosch’s Plena Easy Line Economy mixer amplifiers are available in three power configurations (60 watts, 120 watts, and 240 watts). The Plena mixer amplifiers combine a simple user interface with premium paging and playback performance. Each model’s four mic/line inputs are switchable between microphone level and line level sensitivity. The inputs are balanced but may also be used unbalanced. Onboard phantom power allows condenser microphones to be used. Input channel one can take priority over all other microphone and music inputs, and can be activated by contact closure on the push to talk.

Snell Centra Vite

Snell’s Centra Vite is a new router control and configuration tool that simplifies the setup of router installations and speeds them into operation. Centra Vite is provided free with all Snell Nucleus controlled routers. A selection of default configurations allows operators to begin using their Snell routers immediately upon delivery, changing simple settings such as size and control port protocols.

Bag End IPD12E

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems’ IPD12E is a self-processed and self-powered double 12-inch extended low frequency bass system, featuring two 12-inch drivers closely coupled to the internal 1,000 watt Minima- One amplifier, including onboard Infra processing. The internal Minima-One amplifier incorporates a high efficiency low power consumption green design with advanced digital switching to automatically accept any line voltage from 88 to 270 volts.

L-Acoustics ARCS II

L-Acoustics’ AR CS II constant curvature line source uses wavefront sculpture technology in a constant curvature line source solution. Intended for medium to large rental productions, the bi-amplified AR CS II enclosure is based on a two-way active design and offers a number of improvements over the previous generation, primarily L-Acoustics K1 grade transducers for increased SPL and lower weight.

beyerdynamic Classis

The Classis series of microphones from beyerdynamic feature gooseneck and boundary microphones for table or overhead installations. They feature Scudio technology that includes electronic and mechanical characteristics to eliminate unwanted interferences by wireless mobile devices. The high gain before feedback of the gooseneck microphones allows a higher volume of the PA system. The quality check ensures minor tolerances resulting in a continuous volume of the microphones.

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