Win an Apple Watch Just By Filling out this Survey -

Win an Apple Watch Just By Filling out this Survey

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It’s not all too often we get to give away gadgets with no strings attached. All it takes is 5 minutes to fill out SCN’s audio networking survey; no spam, no adding you to any marketing list, just the potential for an Apple Watch, and contributing to the quality of our reporting on one of the AV industry’s more influential topics today.

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We’ve teamed up with RH Consulting, following its publication of the whitepaper “The Death of Analog and the Rise of Audio Networking.” The whitepaper shared detailed research on the number of networked audio products available on the market. While CobraNet was found to be the leader because of its heritage in the market, Dante was not far behind, with a greater rate of product introductions, set to take the lead before long.

This survey is a follow up to help determine what kinds of networking products have been and are currently being deployed in the field. Following the survey, SCN will provide exclusive analysis of the results. But we need your help to get there. Some of the survey questions look to gain insight on how the public views digital audio networking, how much of it has been used thus far, and what the likeliness for deployment is in the near future. What are some of the advantages of Dante, CobraNet, AVB, and others? What might influence to deploy networked devices more?

These are all questions that have widespread appeal in the industry, and SCN would like to help shed light on them. So please, take a few minutes, click a few boxes, and you might win an Apple Watch. Fill out the survey today, here. The survey will be live through mid-June. 


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