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RGB Launches MultiPoint Control Room Management System

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RGB Spectrum has added an embedded wall display capability to its MultiPoint Control Room Management System (MCMS).

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MCMS addresses the requirements of control rooms and operation centers. In today's information-rich environment, MCMS significantly improves a control room operator's ability to display, manipulate, and react to data.

With HD resolution at full frame rates, KVM functionality, resource arbitration, intuitive system navigation, and security features, MCMS is an ideal system for mission-critical, real time display requirements.

Previously, the MCMS system utilized RGB Spectrum's MediaWall video wall processor to provide a shared display capability. The new system integrates video processing into the base system, with an RGB Spectrum's Linx switcher at its heart.

According to Arndt Schrader, product marketing manager for MCMS, "By combining switching and wall processing in a single chassis, we're able to decrease the cost of the base system substantially while maintaining all of the MCMS advantages—including video quality, reliability and security."

The integrated video wall is driven by dedicated scaler cards in the Linx switcher. In addition, multiple video walls can be supported on the same frame. With the introduction of the enhanced functionality, customers now have three MCMS implementation choices to match their requirements and budget:

-the basic MCMS system with operator stations and video switching
-the MCMS system with integrated switching / video wall functionality
-the MCMS system with the MediaWall processor for additional display wall functionality

Through the unified control interface, applications running on different computers are easily accessed and displayed, with KVM control of all computers displayed. The GUI also offers a simple "drag-and-drop" method of placing sources on an operator's personal displays as well as on the video wall.

The new MCMS retains features that are critical to modern control room operations. These include both hierarchical and peer-based asset arbitration and shared control of the video wall for collaboration. KVM control of displayed devices is accomplished without adding software to the controlled devices thanks to RGB Spectrum's External Desktop Agent (EDA) - an external device which functions as a keyboard and mouse emulator.


RGB Spectrum Enterprise MCMS

RGB Spectrum is showcasing the capabilities of Enterprise MCMS, a control room management system that now extends monitoring and control around the globe.

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