ViewCast Supports Linux Open Source Community -

ViewCast Supports Linux Open Source Community

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ViewCast Corporation is supporting the open source community through its partnership with KernelLabs, a coalition of like-minded Linux software engineers whose primary goal is to improve the Linux platform for audio / video applications.

ViewCast is working with KernelLabs in the development of Linux drivers for all of its latest Osprey video capture cards. Most recently, Linux drivers for the Osprey 260e, 460e and 820e capture cards were made available through the KernelLabs website. The drivers will be submitted to the next Linux kernel and then available directly in the Linux distribution thereafter.

This initiative expands the marketplace for ViewCast products and renews the Company’s commitment to providing quality solutions for all integrators.

“By supporting the Linux platform, we are broadening our potential customer base and bringing our solutions to a wider variety of business and innovators. A large segment of ViewCast integrators and customers utilize Linux in their business, reinforcing the need for solutions in the Linux community,” said ViewCast president and CEO John Hammock. “Our continuous work with recognized Linux driver development organizations such as KernelLabs supports this initiative.”

ViewCast’s partnership with KernelLabs will bring its Osprey Linux drivers to the open source community and certifies they are in full compliance with the GNU General Public License (GPL) ensuring the whole Linux community can benefit from future improvements.

While all of the PCI and PCI-X line of Osprey cards have modern Linux kernels that support the chipset on these capture cards, ViewCast continues taking the initiative to assist in the development of Osprey modules to support its newer PCIe capture cards. A major component of the initiative is to keep the Linux module in the public domain so that developers are free to innovate. Links to ViewCast’s Linux drivers for its Osprey line of cards may be found on its website


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