Salamander Designs Adopts Green Operations Initiative for AV Cabinets and In-House Activities -

Salamander Designs Adopts Green Operations Initiative for AV Cabinets and In-House Activities

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DENVER, CO--Salamander Designs has announced it has adopted a Green Operations initiative that values environmentally responsible practices in manufacturing its popular AV cabinets and seating products, and in the way it operates its facility. The voluntary initiative also moves Salamander Designs into the front ranks of responsible corporate citizens.

"Our philosophy is that we will always strive to make GreenMarket choices," said company president Salvatore Carrabba. "We are committed to making business decisions that are globally responsible and environmentally friendly. As alternatives present themselves, we will make every effort to take advantage of Green opportunities involving packaging, parts, processes and other aspects of our business."

Salamander's eco-savvy Green Operations initiative encompasses a broad program affecting everything from the materials that go into its products to the practices on its assembly floor. In working to reduce its carbon footprint, Salamander Designs is also discovering the process includes such benefits as reduced energy consumption, unexpected production efficiencies, and an increasing ability to both recycle materials and employ recycled materials.

Among its new Green activities, Salamander Designs uses water-based finishes on its popular AV cabinets whenever possible. It uses veneers and lumber that come from managed forests, an action that supports the sustainable forestry initiative, as well as low-emission core materials. The aluminum in its cabinets has a high-recycled material content, and is itself recyclable. In its packaging materials, the company uses recyclable corrugated cardboard, and has reduced the amount of packing foam inside its boxes.

Salamander has also changed all its lighting to energy-efficient bulbs, and installed motion-sensitive lighting wherever practical. The company estimates this step alone is delivering a 30 percent reduction in energy use in its 85,000 square foot facility.

Additional activities include purchasing flat components to reduce transportation requirements, and assembling products on-demand to customers' exact specifications, further eliminating waste. The company also recycles all the white paper it uses, retains a cleaning company that uses only environmentally safe cleaning products, and continues to explore new ways to expand its Green Operations.



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