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Wharfedale Pro Introduces the Sigma Series of Passive Loudspeakers

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The What: Wharfedale Pro has launched the Sigma Series of passive loudspeakers, specifically engineered for use in fixed installations. The series initially consists of four two-way models (8, 10, 12, and 15 inches) and an 18-inch subwoofer. All models are available in black or white finishes.

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Sigma Series Loudspeakers by Wharfedale

The What Else: Each model of Sigma features the latest proprietary Wharfedale Pro driver technology. Using a curvilinear, double-roll surround system for the LF driver, Wharfedale Pro engineers have ensured stability for low- through to mid-range frequencies. Meanwhile, the HF compression driver features a 44mm diaphragm using a solid aluminum rear plate, which assists heat dissipation in demanding environments. Constructed from up to 18mm of MDF, the height and overall size of the cabinet has been reduced thanks to a newly developed angled-corner port system. These ports have been individually tuned to maximize low-end punch.

The cabinets of the 10, 12, and 15-inch models feature dual-angle pole-mount sockets to ensure that the HF hits the target. All two-way models have comprehensive rigging options as a result of five M8 points. For physical protection, all Sigmas are coated in the latest generation chip-resistant Rhino Rock paint.

The Bottom Line: With their unobtrusive design, the new Sigma Series is well suited for installations where audio quality, rigging options, and discreet cosmetics are critical.


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Community Commercial Design Series Loudspeakers

Community Professional Loudspeakers has introduced the new Commercial Design Series, a comprehensive family of ceiling, surface mount and pendant loudspeakers designed to meet the needs of installations requiring high performance at a competitive price.

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Crest Audio CPS Series Loudspeakers

Crest Audio is proud to announce the new CPS series of powered loudspeakers. The CPS line is comprised of three compact full-range speakers and two subwoofers. The CPS10, CPS12 and CPS15 loudspeakers feature two-way designs driven by 1,200W Class-D Crest Audio power amplifier sections. The CPS15 Sub and CPS18 Sub subwoofers feature 2,000W Class-D Crest Audio power amps.