Nimbus360 Merges With EHS -

Nimbus360 Merges With EHS

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Boise, ID - Nimbus360 has completed its merger with Electronic Home Systems (EHS). Headquartered in Sun Valley, EHS is a leader in high-end residential electronics systems, such as home theater, remote connectivity, sound and lighting control, surveillance/monitoring, and home automation. The new Nimbus360 will be headquartered in Boise, with an office in Ketchum/Sun Valley, and will combine the technologies of commercial and residential integration into one multi-faceted organization.



HME Pro Audio Divisions Merges With Clear-Com

Alameda, CA--Clear-Com merges with HME Pro Audio Division, a direct result of HME’s recent acquisition of Clear-Com. Effective January 1, 2011, HME’s existing Pro Audio Division, which includes the professional wireless intercom products, sales and technical staff, distribution network and marketing activities, becomes

Merging Adds Synchronization with WATCHOUT

Merging Technologies will be showing a TCP/IP based synchronization mechanism that allows for simple-setup playback and cursor positioning sync between Timelines and Ovation cues integrated with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-image presentation software.

On Location Merges with Loud and Clear

Cincinnati, OH-- On Location Lighting Systems has joined forces with Loud & Clear Inc.     “Bringing these two companies together is a huge win for all of our customers,” said Tim Matthews, president of On Location. “Our customer’s will be able to save valuable time and money by having all of their production a

Yamaha to Merge U.S. Subsidiaries

Yamaha 's board of directors approved a merger effective April 1 of its U.S. home-audio subsidiary with its U.S.-based musical instruments and pro audio subsidiary. The merger, the company said, "has the objectives of realizing maximum synergies and increasing management efficiency, principally in administrative bus