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ISF-C Training InfoComm

InfoComm and numerous manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and end users have partnered with ISF Commercial to bring a comprehensive display calibration certification program to the commercial audiovisual and digital signage industries. This course is designed to bring an individual the education they need, from a deep understanding of display technology and design, to in depth technical training in display calibration.

The ISF-C one-day course teaches the science of light and color and how the human eye reacts to the images it sees. The course will help teach people about producing visual images. An examination is provided at the end of the course for those wanting to become ISF Commercial Certified and attain membership in the community of display experts.

The ISF Commercial Training and Certification Course Outline includes:

IntroducColor, and the Human Eye

Specifications and What They Mean

Resolution, Aspect Ratio, and Scaling

Understanding Display Inputs

Display Technologies

Lamps and Illumination

Screen Technology Basics

Projection System Design Considerations

Calibration 101

Advanced Calibrationtion and Course Goals

Benefits of ISF Commercial

Why Calibration?


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