New Products: January 2012

New Products: January 2012

Panasonic PT-DW730US and PT-DX800US

Panasonic’s PT-DW730US and PT-DX800US have been engineered with a new lamp drive system for increased brightness while keeping its compact size, and a new Eco Filter has been designed to minimize maintenance. The PT-DW730US features 7,000 lumens of brightness with WXGA resolution, and the PT-DX800US delivers 8,000 lumens of brightness with XGA resolution. These new projectors are equipped with RGB booster technology and Panasonic’s proprietary lamp modulation drive system that work together to maximize image quality with color reproduction and high brightness.

AMX Vision2

AMX’s Vision2 IP TV system (version 7.2) video solution enables companies and universities to develop or upgrade video communications initiatives. The new release of Vision2 features a control API that allows digital video to be integrated into an AMX control system with capabilities such as one-touch recording and archiving. Addressing the increased use of mobile devices, AMX has added a user interface that allows Vision2 content to be viewed on the go. The MP EG reflector appliance function gives organizations the ability to deliver live streaming video to multiple remote locations using a single stream per location. Additional features include customizable layouts that give organizations the ability to create menus and guides, with custom brands, logos, and colors for Vision2 compatible set-top boxes.

Barco ImagePRO-II

Barco’s ImagePRO-II is a video scaler, scan converter, switcher, and transcoder in one. Signal interfaces have been expanded to include HDMI , DisplayPort and Dual Link DVI , all with HDCP support, as well as 3G HDSDI . Controlling the Image- PRO-II has been made easier with the addition of a USB port allowing firmware upgrades and system configuration backup and restore. The ImagePRO-II offers higher resolutions (up to WQXGA), higher frame rates, higher quality de-interlacing with advanced motion adaptive processing, faster source acquisition, enhanced color depth, and native support for all the latest computer signals.


RDL ’s RU-AFC2 stereo audio format converter replaces the popular RU-LA2D and is a bi-directional, balanced to unbalanced, and unbalanced to balanced converter in the 1/3 rack width MAX RACK-UP enclosure. The RU-AFC2 includes all of the same features of its predecessor, but improves upon it by offering dual-led VU metering on each channel, mono sum output, and higher audio performance. The RU-AFC2 can equally convert the stereo input and stereo output of a professional audio product to consumer-unbalanced standards.

Yamaha MY8-LAKE

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has developed the MY8- LAKE processing card. The new card, to be distributed worldwide by Yamaha, adds cutting edge Lake Technology to several Yamaha digital consoles, as well as the DSP5D Expander, DM E24N/64N processors, and TXn power amplifiers. The MY8-LAKE includes Lake Processing features such as mesa EQ, ideal graphic EQ, linear-phase crossover, and other sonic tuning elements found in the DSP expansion card. The processing power of the card offers up to eight inputs/outputs in mesa mode (system EQ), four inputs/12 outputs in contour mode (crossover), or combinations of the above to suit the application.

Sony VPL-CW255 and VPLCX235

Sonys newest installation projectors combine high brightness and performance flexibility with a lower total cost. The new models are the VPL -CW255 projector (4,500 lumens, WXGA resolution) and the VPL -CX235 projector (4,100 lumens, XGA resolution). Adopting Sony’s BrightEra 3LCD panels, the new models also incorporate advanced crisp focus lens technology, 12-bit 3D digital gamma correction circuit, and detail enhancer for video playback. The new models are designed for energy efficiency, using only 340 W. Also, in the event the projectors are left powered-on while not in use, they automatically detect no change of signal input and will dim the lamp as low as about 30 percent of original brightness.

Dan Dugan E-3

Dan Dugan Sound Design’s E-3 automatic mixing controller replaces the Model D-3 as Dugans top-of-the-line eightchannel automatic mixing controller with AES digital I/O. Through its interface with Dugans Model CP-2 control panel, the Model E-3 provides all the functions of the Model D-3, including the Dugan Speech System, the Dugan Music System, Dugan Gain Limiting, and three auto-mixing groups in a smaller and more economical box. AES3 audio connections are made through a DB-25 connector; cable squids can be used where XLR connectors are desired.

Bittree 969-A Series

Offering a high-density 2 x 48 jack configuration and available in 1.5 or two RU, the Bittree 969-A Series patchbays are fully programmable to allow users to change the normals and grounding of individual circuits. Normals can be changed to fullnormal, half-normal, or non-normal, and grounding can be changed to bussed, isolated, or looped. The 48 circuits on the front panel are numbered from left to right, with rear-interface options including E3, E90, ID (punchdown), and D25.

Gefen GefenPRO 32 x 32 DVI Matrix

Gefen’s GefenPRO 32 x 32 DVI Matrix routes any 32 computers to any 32 professional displays with full crosspoint capability. Resolutions are supported up to 1,920 x 1,200 or 1080p in the DVI format. Users can select any combination of computers to be viewed on one or more displays. Built-in EDID storage and programming features enhance thestability of pre-settings after the computers are switched.

Trenton TVC2401

Trenton’s TVC2401 is a video controller built for mounting in small and confined spaces. The compact system is validated with up to two Matrox MP X boards, delivering up to eight 1080p high-definition inputs and eight high definition outputs. Trenton’s TVC2401 leverages each Muras 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer rate to ensure HD input captures for diverse display wall requirements.

Enseo NDVD Player

Enseo’s Navy Encrypted DVD (NDVD ) Player provides high quality digital content, as well as necessary content protection, and will be installed in approximately 800 locations in more than 70 countries. With Enseo’s technology solutions in place to protect content, Navy Mobilization Processing Sites (NMP S) are able to distribute 16 DVD s per month to 800 customer sites, including the Navy Fleet, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, NOAA, Department of State, and the Military Sealift Command.

Samsung SUR40

Samsung’s SUR40 for Microsoft Surface is an interactive, collaborative multi-touch display panel, offering a thin four-profile, and a large screen size. It integrates Samsung’s LCD panel capability with touch technology, combining Microsoft’s touch and object recognition algorithm to maximize the performance of a new type of touch screen technology Sensors in Pixel (SIP ). The SUR40 provides high accuracy touch interaction from multiple people at the same time by utilizing optical tag recognition with more than 50 points of contact and object recognition.

Extron DMP 44 LC

The DMP 44 LC is a 4 x 4 audio matrix mixer featuring a digital signal processing platform for audio signal routing and control. The DMP 44 LC features four mono line level inputs and outputs, all balanced or unbalanced. It offers several audio DSP tools for mixing, routing, and room optimization. Quick and intuitive configuration using the DSP Configurator software allows the DMP 44 LC to be installed more quickly. The DMP 44 LC is appropriate for presentation applications that require line level audio matrix mixing with DSP in a small form factor.

Panamax/Furman, Savant Driver Modules

Panamax/Furman has teamed up with Savant to provide dealers with a set of TCP/ IP and two-way RS-232 driver modules for Panamax/ Furman BlueBOLT-compatible power management components and UPS solutions. The modules deliver local control via Savant’s control and automation solutions built on the Mac OS X programming language, and remote access through BlueBOLTs cloud-based remote power and energy management platform.

Planar Silhouette

Planar Systems’ Silhouette video display sculpture is a versatile new canvas for color and motion. The Planar Silhouette display, which towers over 10 feet tall, provides a new solution for architects, designers, and their clients, to elicit an emotional response through imagery and form. The arrays of LCD screens are configured in a well-balanced array, forming a flexible digital canvas for an ever-changing, diverse display.

AOpen WT22M-RH

AOpen America’s WT22M-RH is the latest addition to AOpen’s Warm Touch product line. The WT22M-RH is an interactive, 21.5 touchpanel PC with an LED backlit panel. The WT22M-RH features the latest Intel Sandy Bridge mobile CPUs and dual channel DD R3 memory support, which allows for high definition 1080p interaction and Intel WiDi wireless screen sharing technology.

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