Guitar Center Pro Adds Installation Initiative

  • WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA—Personal service is how Guitar Center became a “go-to” outlet for entertainment gear in the U.S. Now its professional division, GC Pro, is building its installation initiative to offer the same quality of service to meet every professional users’ need, from equipment sales to finished installations.
  • GC Pro expects that its installation services will become available in several of GC Pro’s 28 locations. Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle are the first areas, the company says. Recording studios, post-production suites, live sound venues, and fixed AV installations like theaters are partners who could benefit from this more “complete” solution.
  • “Our client base has been asking for best equipment, competitive pricing, as well as installation to follow,” said Rick Plushner, director of GC Pro. “It’s a turnkey solution.”
  • Rather than expanding its staff, Plushner says that GC Pro has linked up with licensed integrators across the country to build a network for comprehensive coverage.
Margot Douaihy, Ph.D.

Margot Douaihy, Ph.D., is a lecturer at Franklin Pierce University.