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Univox SLS-Z Series Super Loop System

  • After a successful introduction of the PLS-X Series in Europe earlier this year, Univox is now launching the SLS-Z series, the next generation of Univox Super Loop Systems.
  • The system is based on a class D output stage, supported with conventional technology, to solve common class D loop driver issues. Due to the unit’s incredible efficiency, the size and weight of the product is reduced to a fraction of both its predecessors and comparable other products. The super high efficiency makes a fan cooling system redundant. Still, output power has been greatly improved and optimized for modern phased array system design. The SLS-Z7 boasts 100 Vpp in output voltage.
  • “With the Z Series we are taking the development of loop drivers two steps ahead,” says Conny Andersson, CTO at Univox by Edin. “The new Univox SLS-Z Series combine nearly 50 years of experience with the latest in electronic design to deliver unrivaled sound clarity, power and performance in a compact stylish housing.”
  • Like all other professional Univox loop drivers, the SLS-Z Series will be integrated into the Univox Loop Designer, a free easy-to-use advanced software for planning and design of hearing loop systems.
  • Univox Loop Designer will be presented at the Manufacturers’ Training Sessions at Infocomm 2014. The session takes place Thursday, June 19, 10.30 a.m., Room N223.